18 Predictions on Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 5 & 6 – GOT S08E05, S08E06 Predictions


Spoiler Alert*

Disclaimer – I have not read the books but have been a huge fan of the show. So, if what I am putting into a hypothetical theory below sounds obvious or silly, do not forget, there are others too who haven’t read the book. This may be of interest to them.

There are so many burning questions, unanswered, in this final season of GOT. We have rattled our brains, trying to connect the dots and as always is the case, the show runners have surprised us. However, this season has probably been the most predictable seasons compared to the last 7. Lyanna Mormont’s death had to be at the hands of the giant, considering she is puny. Ser Jorah had to die defending his queen and love. Arya had to have a big role. Similarly, many others. Someone who studies each and every scene of every episode will tell you that these were all hygiene and had to be done.

The show runners follow a simple formula – they love joining the wires. They love completing the circles. They love giving back in the end, what they had started in the beginning. They love closing the loop in a manner that is inverse to the initial depictions. They love coming full circle. Hence, you see a pattern to the way things have happened in this season to season 1, 2 or 3. For example – Ned Stark’s beheading scene is similar to Missandei’s beheading, emotionally and cinematographic wise.

The sweet retribution of Bran meeting Jaime which was similar to when they first met. Jon knowing his real mother in front of Ned’s statue as promised. So many things like that. So going by these cues, I have a theory of what may unfold in the final 2 episodes. My take on what may happen to some of these characters –

1. Grand Maester Qyburn – Will be burnt by Drogon.

Simply because he designed the Large Crossbow machines.

2. The Mountain – The hound will burn his face and kill him.

The characters are alive ONLY for that retribution.

3. Euron Greyjoy – What happens to him?

In the trailer, Euron looks shockingly at something above him. My take is that it is Yara. Yara has to kill him. She may be the surprise in the Last War and she may take out Euron as revenge for her fathers and brothers death. However, an interesting thing to note is that Euron is smart and he must have surely figured out that Cersei has lied to him about carrying his baby. How else would Tyrion Lannister know that she was pregnant while Euron himself got to know about it just then? (remember when Tyrion walks bravely towards the gate and pleads Cersei to reconsider at least for the sake of the baby).

4. Cersei – Killed by Tyrion or Arya.

Jaime killing her as per the prophecy is too obvious now. However, she is plotting something sinister for sure, as always. She has lied to Euron that the baby she is carrying is Euron’s. However, there is a plot point a lot of us seem to have missed. In the last episode of season 7, we see Tyrion noticing Cersei not drinking wine (that is how he finds out that she is pregnant). However, in episode 1 of the season finale, Cersei is drinking wine without giving a damn about the baby she is carrying. So, there is definitely something there. My belief is that babies are important to GOT. Cersei is pregnant. Daenerys may be pregnant. Gilly is pregnant. Arya may get pregnant and so can Brienne. Don’t forget – the Night King took newborn babies and converted them into White Walkers.

5. Tyrion – May end up together with Sansa.

The crossbow plot wont do anymore after the whole Ser Bronn’s scene in episode 4. Not to forget, Brann and him had a chat next to the fire in episode 2, just before the battle of Winterfell. Wonder what was that about?

6. Varys – has to die, just haven’t figured out yet

7. Grey Worm – Will die along with Varys, defending his queen

8. The Hound – May not die after all.

Will avenge his life’s mission of killing his brother The Mountain.

9. Tormund – Something has to happen at Castle Black.

That will be an awesome plot – with Tormund and Ghost together there. It is an interesting and an awesome thought to have, if something happens right up in the North. I am very much for the revival of the Night King 2.0 in some form in these last 2 episodes.

10. Jaime – Will die at the hands of Cersei

Mostly being pushed off from the top of one of the towers. The things they do for love. Speaking of which, he may die at the hands of Brienne too. The show runners somehow gave poetic justice when they made him a cripple too (for crippling Bran) but I think Jaime has not much left in him. My strong belief is that he will still turn against Cersei in the end and try to live up to being a Kingslayer.

11. Bran – Will die, but not before transferring all his memory data to someone else.

Somehow, the fact that he is still alive, makes it clear that his journey has not come full circle. He may have one more last important impact. He wargs into someone? Who? Why? Don’t forget, Meera Reed is alive and so is her father Howland Reed. They will impact this plot. Meera’s last scene with him, she says “You died in that cave”. So, there’s something unfinished about this whole Bran plot.

12. Howland Reed – Howland Reed is the living proof of Jon’s lineage.

He will make his presence felt. Meera too will return one final time.

13. Sansa – She will surprise everyone with an army in the end to save Jon.

Just like how she saved him in the battle of the bastards. She will survive and sit on the iron throne. She may end up with the Hound or Tyrion. A befitting fate for her.

14. Arya – One – she may turn into the three eyed raven or, two – she may go back to Braavos.

She may also be pregnant with Gendry’s kid.

15. Daenerys – If you haven’t realized yet– she is the Mad King. ‘

We have seen at least 2 scenes in the past with King Aerys saying “Burn them all, burn them all”. She may well go her father’s way and become mad and burn everything down. She may die. Unless, she is better than her father as she once said and calms herself down in the end, saving the day. However, not to forget, she may be pregnant too.

16. Sam – Sam is important to the plot.

He has a bigger role which may be unveiled in the coming episode. He is more than he is shown to be. He is braver and tougher. He may sacrifice something big to reveal that he is Azhor Ahai. He does have the sword which he had given to Ser Jorah which may turn out to be the Lightbringer.

17. Nymeria – Will have a life saving opportunity and will save the day for her respective master.

18. Jon Snow – Jon sitting on the Iron throne is a plot not suited for GOT.

That’s too numbing. Him turning into the Night King – Well, that’s GOT! The Night King has to be a Targaryen because the prophecy says the dragon riders are Targaryens. And also, if it has to be a song of Fire and Ice – It has to involve Targaryen (Fire) and a Northerner (Ice). The only one who currently is half of both is Jon Snow. Not to forget – Tormund lasts words to him was “You are a true real Northerner”.

Of course, this whole theory may sound ridiculous once the series gets over. Don’t judge me, I am just guessing.

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