A new champion has appeared on the Rift of the League of Legends (LOL)- Lilia

League of Legends Lilia

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Previous champion rework and release -League of Legends

League of Legends (LOL) is known for all its amazing pool of champions which they offer to the player with all the unique abilities and roles to choose from. They have been releasing a great number of new champions on the rift for the players to explore a new set of skills and playstyles. Apart from launching new champions, Riot Games is also reworking on the previous champions which are already present on the rift as well. The article also talks about the new LOL champion Lilia. Recently for the year 2020, they have reworked on two major champions:

  • Volibear: The Thunder’s Roar
    • Volibear is a top and jungle champion who is tanky and has melee attacks. His ultimate has totally changed the entire battlefield with along with the abilities which use lighting.
  • Fiddlesticks: The Harbinger of Doom
    • Fiddlesticks is a support and jungle champions who is a mage and has ranged attacks. He is scarier and fierce from what he was before. His abilities have turned him more AP (Ability Power).

Both of these champions have been upgraded in terms of their abilities and appearance form what they were previously appearing as. The skins on these champions look quite refreshing and unique.

The champion so far launched in 2020 on League of Legends is:

  • Sett: The Boss
    • Sett is a top and jungle champion who uses melee attacks against its foes.
LOL Lilia
League of Legends Sett

After the successful rework of the Volibear and Fiddlesticks along with the launch of new champion Sett, Riot has come up to launch a new champion ‘Lilia’ on the summoner’s rift of the League of Legends (LOL). The new champion will be launched by the 22nd of July 2020. Let’s dive deep into the new character breakdown to understand more about the abilities and how it will change the entire wave of the rift by the appearance of Lilia.

Lilia-League of Legends

The Bashful Bloom

LOL Lilia
League of Legends Lilia

Lilia is a female Centaur who is a Mage champion with ranked attacks. As judged by her abilities, she is most likely to be a middle (mid) lane champion or a support champion. Her appearance does look similar to Neeko with the resemblance of colourful hair and face along with Hecarim’s appearance.

From the champion trailer launched, she does seem to be a sort of an adventurer who is out there to explore the world and make new friends. She seems to look like a protector who is closely connected with nature like Ivern and Neeko. She is from the Ionia region from the Runterra map. There is some amazing lineup for skins as well.

Let us look into Lilia’s abilities one by one:

  • P- Dream-Laden Bough: The abilities of Lilia apply Dream Dust to the foes whom she attacks by doing magic damage.
  • Q-Blooming Blows: Lilia swings her branch in a circle dealing magic damage to the enemies and if it hits them then she gains movement speed.
  • W- Watch Out! Eep!: Lilia targets her branch and smashes on the ground to deal damage to the enemies. Enemies positioned at the center will receive heavy magic damage from the ability.
  • E- Swirlseed: Lilia throws a Swirlseed at the foe which deals them damage and slows them down. The seed will keep on moving until and unless if it hits the foe or the terrain.
  • R- Lilting Lullaby: The champion will cast a lullaby over her enemies which will cause them to sleep if damaged by the Dream Dust. When they are awake, they deal additional magic damage as well.

We all are looking forward to playing with the new champion to get to know more about her lore and play styles. We will also need to discover her combos along with what champions will she be able to make her combos more effective. Let’s hope she is as powerful as the rest of the champions.

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