All you need to know about PUBG Mobile World League (PMWL) 2020 Season Zero


If you are a PUBG Mobile fan, then this is the biggest news right now. The PUBG Mobile World League 2020 Season Zero is here. Keeping in mind the safety of the players during the time of COVID, the tournament is held online and not offline. As a result of this PUBG Mobile e-sports has announced this as Season Zero and not a regular season. The biggest names in the game will be there for this month long extravaganza. This is a visual treat for PUBG Mobile lovers worldwide, with a total $850,000 given out to players and teams which includes prize pool, MVP awards, attendance fee etc.

Format of the Tournament

The World league has been classified into two parts- East League and West League. Each of the region comprises the top 20 teams , making it a total of 40 of the topmost PUBG Mobile teams around the globe.

Schedule of the Tournament

The period from July 10 to August 9 has been segregated into 4 parts. Both PMWL East and West Leagues will be carried out simultaneously following the below schedule.

Opening Weekend

This will start from July 10 and go on till July 12. The 20 teams will be divided into 5 groups and a total of 15 matches will be played.

League Stage

This will start from July 14 and go on till July 29. The results from the Opening Weekend will be used to determine the draw for the League Stage. During the duration of 3 weeks a total of 30 matches will be played , with 10 matches per week. The matches will be played on Tuesdays and Wednesdays of the respective weeks and the results for each week will help to determine the top 16 teams for that week who will qualify for the Super Weekend.

Super Weekend

This will go on from July 17 to August 2 . During these 3 weeks this will only take place on Friday, Saturday and Sunday of the respective weeks. A total of 15 matches will be played per week .The top 16 teams from the League Stage in every week will get to participate in the Super Weekend. The points accumulated in the Super Weekend by each team over the period of 3 weeks will be taken into consideration for the Finals.


The top 16 teams from the Super Weekend will battle it out in the finals from August 7 to August 9. There will be a total of 18 matches played across the 3 days of the finals. The team with the highest point wins the crown.

Teams Participating

The teams taking part in the PUBG Mobile World League are the topmost teams across the globe. Check out the teams below.

So go ahead and cheer for your favourite teams!!! Let the fun begin.

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