American horror story season 9: Netflix release, storyline, and more!


After American Horror Story season 8: Apocalypse ended, fans were expecting a season that’d take us through the new timeline. However, that wasn’t the case. Last year, AHS released 1984, which chronicled the journey of five friends as they try to escape the wrath of not one, but two serial killers at the same time. With a cinematic style that’s heavily influenced by 80s slasher films, AHS 1984 was unique and added a new dimension to the American Horror Story universe. But, if you’re looking to stream American horror story season 9, Netflix isn’t the place to start. Disney+ Hotstar has all the AHS seasons released till date.

What is American Horror Story Season 9 About (no spoilers)?

American horror story season 9 Netflix
AMERICAN HORROR STORY: 1984 — Pictured: Emma Roberts as Brooke Thompson. CR: Kurt Iswarienko FX

AHS season 9, or 1984 for short, follows Brooke, the protagonist, played by Emma Roberts. It does a fantastic job of portraying the two big fears of the 80s – Devil Worship and Serial Killers. The season begins with Brooke and her new friends heading to Camp Redwood to spend the summer as counsellors, after Brooke is attacked by the Night Stalker. Little do they know; Camp Redwood was the site of a gruesome murder in 1970. The only survivor – Margaret Booth – now owns the camp and is gearing up for a massive launch.

In true AHS fashion, nothing is as it seems. The mass murderer from 1970, Mr Jingles, breaks out of his psychiatric ward just in time for the camp to open. Brooke, Montana, Xavier, Chet, and Ray spend the night dodging the psychotic killer, only to come face to face with the Night Stalker. What are the odds of surviving two serial killers in one night? You’ll have to watch the show to find that out!

American horror story season 9 Netflix Release Date

American horror story season 9 Netflix

The American horror story season 9 Netflix release should happen in September 2020, if at all. This speculation is based on the previous patterns of releasing this show’s seasons. One of the reasons why an American horror story season 9 Netflix release seems unlikely is because Disney + Hotstar had acquired FX. As American horror story airs on FX, the OTT platform most likely to air updated episodes on time is Disney+ Hotstar.

It also important to note that due to this acquisition, Netflix is now removing AHS seasons from its platform. You may have already noticed most of the seasons being unavailable on Netflix. This is why, if you want to stream American horror story season 9, Netflix may not be the right platform for you.

What do we know about American Horror Story Season 10?

American horror story season 10

Ryan Murphy recently released a teaser trailer on his Instagram page. Needless to say, it sent fans buzzing. Thanks to this short video, we got two main snippets of information:

  • The theme may possibly revolve around drowning or maybe mythological sea creatures! What do you think AHS season 10 will be about?
  • Evan Peters and Sarah Paulson, fan favourites, ARE BACK!! This is perhaps the most exciting part of it, as many people were disappointed to see they weren’t a part of AHS 1984. The two have been staples of the show since its inception. The series does tend to feel a little empty without them – but that’s obviously not because of writing or storytelling. It’s mainly because these two actors bring a lot to the table.

As far as the American Horror Story season 10 release date goes, nothing has been made official as of now. As the lockdowns began right when season 10’s filming had started, they disrupted most of the schedules. American Horror Story season 10 was supposed to come out during the fall season of 2020. Now, rumour has it that the it will air in January 2021, if all goes well.

What else can you watch while you wait?

If you want to watch shows similar to American horror story season 9, Netflix has a range of options to explore. For starters, within the horror genre, you should check out the Haunting of Hill House. If you’re solely interested in the slasher aspect of AHS 1984, then you can watch Mindhunters. This show is based on the real lives of FBI officers who changed the way officers conduct criminal profiling.

If it’s the mix of mythology or theology with real life that you love, then do check out Lucifer. The Glitch, Mist, Haunted, and Castle Rock are a few other shows that you might like.

Final thoughts on a possible American horror story season 9 Netflix release date!

Don’t wait with baited breath for announcements on the American horror story season 9 Netflix release date. As the show has been removed from the platform, it seems unlikely that they’ll add just one new season of the same. However, if there’s any official communication on the American horror story season 9 Netflix release date, we’ll keep you posted!

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