B-tier Valorant Characters


Now we get to the B-tier of Valorant as of patch 1.03. These picks can be very controversial, especially being a Reyna main myself, it annoys me to put my favorite character in the B-tier. 


This is reyna and her abilities in Valorant
Reyna the demon from mexico

So this is a character for people with great aim and wanting to solo carry with their aggressive plays. Reyna is the best agent for a 1v5 situation because of her self sustaining abilities.


  1. Leer

This ability works as a blind that near sights the enemy. The ethereal eye can be sent forward around corners by Reyna it creates a near sight effect for anyone who is in direct line of sight of the leer. 

What makes this ability unique is that it stays up for a set period of time and can be destroyed by the enemies. This Opens up pushes for the entire team and can easily secure an area of the map.

  1. Devour and Dismiss

These are the only abilities that you get a 2 for 1 on in Valorant as of now. These make Reyna’s kit especially unique. You can only use these abilities via soul orb that are dropped when you kill an enemy.

This means 2 of Reyna’s abilities are not usable if you do not land a kill on the enemy. Which makes Reyna completely skill-based and pop off based. 

Devour allows you to heal yourself to a maximum of 150 HP, anything over 100 hp counts as overheal and will disappear after a set timer is completed.

Dismiss makes Reyna invulnerable for a set period of time giving her the ability to escape 1vX situations after popping off a kill.

  1. Ultimate: Empress

Empress is Reyna’s ultimate and it is one of the most unique ultimate in the game, instead of creating a new ability it enhances Reyna’s Devour and Dismiss. 

When you land a kill during empress Devour will automatically start and follow you beyond objects and wall giving you a complete overheal.

When you activate the dismiss ability while also going invisible to the enemy eye.

To top it all off it increases the weapons fire rate 2 folds and highlights the enemy in a bright red creating for better visibility.

Reyna is made to be a purely pop off based character for the aggressive pushers in Valorant. What puts her in the B-tier is exactly that Playing Reyna means that you are either at the top of the leaderboard or bottom fragging. The only thing that is stopping you is your sheer skill level with Reyna


This is Raze and her abilities in one pitcure
Raze the Brazilian Bomb Shell

The Brazilian bomb Shell Raze has the highest Damage output in the game from her abilities. She loves colours and explosions and her kit shows exactly that. She has great mobility with her abilities. What makes Raze a B-tier character for me is her lack of control abilities.


  1. Boom bot

A directional drone that travels in a straight line and bounces around when it hits a wall. It can be a bit funky in detecting enemies but it is supposed to detect enemies in a 180-degree peripheral angle.

It can give a damage output of up to 160 depending on the distance of the explosion

  1. Blast Pack

Raze can get 2 blast packs that can be used either to boost raze in the air or damage enemies with a push back effect, Damage output varies depending on distance, Can be as high as 100.

  1. Paint shells

This is Raze’s take on the classic cluster grenades. The paint shell bursts open first for 60 damage and then goes on to divide into 5 smaller grenades each capable of 60 damage killing anyone who is caught in the blast radius of the grenade. 

Pain shells are great at area denial for pushes while the explosion lasts

  1. Ultimate: Showstopper

This is the best name for an ultimate in the game. This is Raze’s rocket launcher with the highest capability of collateral kills in the game leaving behind a beautiful painting. It’s simple and effective.

 Raze is a blast to play and the best character for content creators helping them create high octane highlight reels one after the other.

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