Batman Begins removed from Netflix this september 2019


Yes, You read it right! The greatest movie of all time for many fans across the world, Batman begins is removed from Netflix with effect from 1st september 2019.

Batman begins remvoed from netflix this september
Batman begins remvoed from netflix this september

The first installment of the Batman series, the batman begins is removed from Netflix on 1st september. It became one of the classic movies to be removed from netflix this month.

Why was batman begins removed from netlflix?

There has not been an official statement from netflix in this regard. We’re still awaiting an update from Netflix team. But it has been a practice from netlfix to let go of some old movies and add some new movies to their video inventory. This removal might not have been noticed by anyone had it been a very small movie.

Fans across the world are upset with this developement as netflix has taken down one of the all time great movies of our time.

It is currently available on Youtube and google play where you can pay and watch the full movie.

Or, you can download it from the Netlfix telegram channel.

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