Top 10 scenes of Game of thrones season 1


What makes Game of thrones great is the kind of epic scenes it embodies within each and every episode. The penultimate episode of every season has always contained a show stopper scene. This article lists the top 10 scenes of Game of thrones from Season 1. Let us know which is the best scene according to you of the 10 scenes.

10.Finding direwolves

In the very first episode, we see a direwolf killed in a fight with a huge stag. The direwolf has 5 pups. On suggestion of Jon snow, Ned stark agrees to let the 5 stark children have one direwolf pup on the condition that they would be fed and tended to by their respective owners. Incidentally Jon finds one more pup white in colour and keeps it for himself.

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9.King in the north- Robb stark

In the aftermath of Ned Stark’s execution, the lords of winterfell were debating over whom they should support, Renly baratheon or stannis baratheon? One of the lords raises and proposes to rule their lands themselves. Pointing to Robb stark, he says he’s my king, the king in the north. All the other lords join him in proclaiming Robb stark as the king in the north. This particular event in the show has some serious ramifications in the coming red wedding scene.

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8.Bronn saves tyrion

This marks the first occurance of Bronn saving Tyrion. Tyrion demands a trial by combat when he was accused of wrong charges by Catelyn stark. Bronn volunteers to be the champion of Tyrion and kills the opponent thereby freeing Tyrion lannister from the wrong imprisonment. Their friendship grows formidable in the seasons to come and their interactions are always a treat to watch. The scene ends with the famous quote “A Lannister always pays his debts”

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7.Khal Drogo vs Mago

Mago challenges Khal drogo for taking orders from a foreign women. In a hand combat, Khal drogo slits the throat of Mago and rips apart his throat with hands making it one of the gruesome kills of the entire season.

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6.Crown for a king- Golden crown for Viserys targaryen

In episode 6, Viserys acts too cocky to get the crown as promised to him by Khal Drogo. Viserys also threatens to kill the unborn child of Daenerys. Khal Drogo beats the shit out of Viserys and pours hot molten gold on his head thereby fulfilling his promise and killing him.

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5.Syrios stand- First sword of braavos does not run

Syrio forell is on interesting and impactful character in Game of thrones. Though his screen duration is less, he had done a charismatic job in capturing the viewers attention. The scenes between him and Arya are always a job to watch. But this scene is a high voltage one where he is the last man standing between Arya and the Mountain. He fights of all the bodyguards of the mountain with a wooden sword and gives Arya the time to escape from the Mountain. Dialogues like First sword of braavos does not run & What do we say to death? Not today are still fresh in the minds of the viewers.

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4.Ned stark vs Jaime Lannister

In the 5th episode of season 1, we see the two best swordsmen of the westeros fighting out. Abduction of Tyrion lannister by Catelyn Stark is the main reason for this confrontation. But, the fight was cut short when a member of Jamie’s guard thrusts a spear in the leg of Ned. It is quite evident that Ned stark still was a skilled swordsman as he was able to put a good show against kingslayer. This is an important scene as this scene is followed by the number 1 scene of the entire season 1.

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3.Return of the white walkers

This scene marks the first instance of white walkers being spotted in the whole TV series. In this particular scene, a white walker is scene killing three men from the night’s watch beyond the wall. A baby who had been killed earlier can also be seen as a white walker.

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2. Mother of dragons

The magic of dragons is unveiled in the final episode season 1. Daenerys enters her husband khal drogo’s funeral pyre with the dragon eggs given as a gift to her on her wedding. But, a day later, she walks out of the fire nude but unscathed with three baby dragons. The mother of dragons is born on that day and there is not turning back for her.

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1. Ned’s Death:

All hell breaks loose in the 9th episode of season 1. Ned stark was beheaded in front of a crowd on the false charges of treason. Sansa stark agreed to confess to her father’s treason only if Ned stark was pardoned and sent to join the night’s watch. But, King joffrey breaks his promise and orders for Ned’s execution. High Septon. Ser Ilyn Payne beheads Ned on the command of King Joffrey

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There, you have it. Did you like our picks for the top 10 scenes of season 1 of Game of thrones? What is your favourite scene from the 1st season. Let us know in the comments.

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