Black Ops content in Call of Duty Warzone Season 5?


With the release of Season 4 of Activision’s Call of Duty Warzone, gamers have been excited about the next release. The game keeps its fans waiting and yearning in the past for updates and graphics but it doesn’t disappoint. According to few rumors and discussions in Reddit, the new season is set to bring new maps and Call of Duty Black Ops content.

Black Ops Cold War is highly anticipated and set to release in October or November 2020. With the new update in August, fans are expecting it to end with a Black Ops Cold War preview.

The official twitter account for Modern Warzone posted that the new content for #COD2020 will be revealed in Warzone.

Map Updates

Recently, Call of Duty Warzone had an update to its Verdansk map. This allowed 200 players into the Battle Royale arena against the previous 100. On average, this would mean that there would be 50 four-player teams against the usual 25. With the regular map along with an increased number of players, Warzone is already cutthroat as it is.

The new Warzone map is also supposed to be set in Russia, which only furthers the speculation of Black Ops. With Ski Slopes and Chernobyl areas, the map has chemical labs, weather stations and mines.

Bunker 11 Warhead

Something that seemed to indicate that Call of Duty would mostly focus on bringing out a Black Ops related update was the mysterious nuclear warhead found in one of the underground bunkers (Bunker 11) in Season 4. Although this was initially speculated to be an easter egg, it looked eerily similar to what Black Ops already had offered previously.

Bunker 11 houses a nuclear warhead

It was assumed that the detonation of the warhead would pave the way to Season 5, which would have a revamped map and weapons. Black Ops has received a lot of awe and positivity. While the company has remained tightlipped about any release, it does make sense to build up the suspense.

Weapon Upgrade

Along with the confirmed release of the AN-94 assault rifle (which is the best assault rifle in Black Ops 2) in the weapons upgrade, an open interior for the Stadium and the continuously circling train, the release is only building in momentum.

The AN-94 from Black Ops 2 from Ahoy’s YouTube Channel

In Season 4, Call of Duty Warzone had Fortnite-style map changes along with underground bunkers which have additional content. Furthermore, if the leaks are anything to go by, Black Ops characters are also set to release in Warzone to fight amongst the Modern Warfare lineup.

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