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Tier List of characters
Valorant Tier List

Before going ahead with this list I would like to say that simply put Valorant is a very dynamic game and these lists are subjective and opinion-based Phoenix and Jett have been seeing great play in Esports and high tier Valorant.

All the agents are very relevant to Valorants gameplay and at its core, Valorant is about precise gunplay which makes the abilities secondary in relevance.


Showing Phoenix and his abilities
Phoenix the Hot Star

Phoenix is always the star of the show aiming for the highest spot in the game always the MVP and always the one trying to become the hero. He was made keeping the beginners in mind.


  1. Blaze

This is a wall used as a line of sight denial tool. Anyone can pass through it with minimum damage. It also heals Phoneix if he stands inside of the wall making it a self-sufficiency tool

  1. Curveball

These are Phoenix’s flashes that can go around corners and flashes the enemy or anyone affected for a small amount of time. 90-degree angles for throwing them makes them beginner-friendly.

  These are Phoenix’s version of  Brimstone’s Molly. That means it is a great area of denial tool but it lasts for a short amount of time and heals Phoenix if he were to 

Stand-in, it’s area of effect.

So, I heard you like running and gunning in Valorant well this particular ability is for you. Phoenix makes a mirror image of himself that can now work with all of his ability and does the same amount of damage. When it ends Phoenix will reset again back to 100 hp or more depending on your health pool

Phoenix is simple to understand and beginner-friendly making him the best for new players.


Jett and her abilities
Jett Flowing with the Wind

Hailing from South Korea Jett is the wind bending menace in the game that seems to headshot you while running or flying in the air every single time.

Jett played right is a top tier agent as it is shown by the Pro’s Wardell from TSM and Tenz from Cloud 9 are the best examples of this.


  1. Cloudburst

Jett’s Smokes are movable mid-air and can block lines of sight for 7 seconds these smokes are used aggressively while pushing to clear line of sights. They can also be used as a great escape tools for Jett combined with her mobility.

  1. Updraft 

Jett’s ability to put the wind at her feet and jump a double stack of boxes this allows her to get to higher angles better than other agents. Jett’s passive of flying if you hold the jump button makes her float creating trickier shots for the enemy

  1. Tailwind 

This dash allows Jett to run off or push in rapidly giving her a get out of jail free card. 

This ability enhances Jett’s Kit as a Mobile agent.

  1. Ultimate: Blade Storm 

Gives Jett 5 knives that do 156 damage on a headshot and 50 on each body shot. Recharges every kill that you get from them. Have 100% movement accuracy that makes it better than a primary weapon and great for those Eco rounds.

Jett is a self-sufficient fragger that uses her abilities to get in and out of engagements quickly. This reason for her being in a lower-tier is her lack of team synergy. 

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