Why I Love CALL of DUTY Games

call of duty games
call of duty games

I was super excited when I finally got my hands on the big game call of duty. It has a perfect blend of both Action and Storyline, with some great characters like Mason, Reznov, and many more. I’ve completed this game more than 15 times! It’s simply Amazing.

You know, as you’ll find in call of duty on pc there’s a team deathmatch, frontline capture the flag and a lot. I love being a deathmatch, and there is also a lot of mass to choose from. I like the crash map but to make matchmaking as quickly as possible and also call of duty mobile is going to bring some of our favorite call of duty.

Let’s see what great things this game did and why I fell head over heels for it?

  • Took the mute protagonist of the original, Soap, and turned him into a fully-fledged voiced badass.
  • He introduced us to (arguably) the most recognizable character in CoD: Simon ‘Ghost’ Riley.
  • Introduced us to Vladimir Makarov, a despicable and terrifying villain that blows Imran Zakhaev out of the water.
  • Then there’s General Shepherd, which is known as the ultimate backstabbing bastard (even more than Big Smoke!) and one of the most iconic plot twists in gaming.
  • Iconic missions such as Cliffhanger, Off Their Own Accord, No Russian, The Gulag, Loose Ends, Takedown, Endgame, etc
  • Playing as three sides vary the weapons and settings without being random.
  • Ties insignificant moments in history. Many of the settings, objectives, and viewing angles are based on real historical footage. Made-up storylines can’t beat real extraordinary events, for me.
  • The tie-in with the movie “Enemy at the Gates” is also well done, better than the D-Day scene in Medal of Honor, IMO. You are sent to assault an established defensive position without a weapon. You don’t get one unless your buddy falls. Yet you keep going because this is your home that you’re fighting for (and because the machine guns are behind your lines shooting deserters instead of at the front shooting the enemy :). That’s poignant, as a veteran.
  • The defense of Pavlov’s house, a historical event, forced me to come up with new tactics that were specific to the situation. Not better reflexes, luckier aim, but a sustainable strategy that takes advantage of the particular setting, after painstakingly recognizing the strength.
  • That feeling I got when the call to charge sounded at Red Square is unforgettable. The game accomplishes the rare feat of integrating you into a large group without making either you or the AI comrades insignificant.

It is one of less than a handful of games that left me with lasting memories.

About the writer: Abdulkareem Misturat Dolapo, a student with a passion for writing words that sell, with over two years of experience as a Freelance Copy Writer and content developer.

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