Can’t wait to find out how it all ends? Check out these Top endgame theories!


One of the things that makes MCU so great is that it’s quite clear that the makers had clearly thought of each plot point and how it affects the future. It’s not just a jumble of movies with random twists thrown in. So, even though we only saw Thanos in Infinity War, his existence and overall plan had always been hinted at since the very beginning. After all, he was the one who commissioned Loki to steal the Tesseract. With so much detailing in place, the movies have dropped enough clues for fans to pick up and formulate their own theories about Endgame. Before the fourth installment of the Avenger’s premiers, check out these theories and let us know which of them you think will come true!

Time travel

This is one of the leading theories about Avenger’s Endgame, especially since pictures of Captain America and Iron Man in their original costume shooting with Ant Man surfaced. Perhaps the Avengers will go back in time to sow the seeds of victory. They might try to prevent Thanos from snapping his fingers, or they might do something that prevents Thanos from getting the stones in the first place. With Scott Lang possibly using a Time Vortex to come out of the Quantum Realm, time travel will certainly play an important role in this movie.

New Universe

With time travel, there is always a possibility of changes to the timeline. Drastic changes that impact the universe in a way that actually creates a separate universe. This theory has been floating the internet because, let’s face it, Robert Downey Jr. is getting older and Disney may want the possibility of a reboot of the same characters with different actors. While this theory is not as popular as the time travel one, it is definitely not one we can discount.

Quantum Realm

After Ant Man and the Wasp, the Quantum Realm became a huger deal than it was and now fans are speculating that it will have something to do with the endgame. This means that Ant Man may just turn out to be a huge character in the Infinity Saga. The leading theory is that the heroes who were snapped out of existence ended up in the Quantum Realm. The Quantum Tunnel built by Dr Pym may be instrumental in bringing them back. The other theory is that the Quantum Tunnel may help the heroes access the Time Vortex and go back in time, which connects with the first theory on this list.

Captain Marvel will save the day

Infinity War ended with a distress signal sent to Captain Marvel and soon after, MCU released the Captain Marvel movie to show us what she is made of. Fans believe that she will have a huge role to be in the endgame and may just be the only person who can withstand the power of the Gauntlet. We have seen her siphon off energy from the Tesseract before and perhaps this shows that she can battle Thanos and survive. Another popular theory about her is that since she siphoned off some of the energy from the Tesseract, the Gauntlet’s powers were never as strong as they could have been, which is why there is the potential to bring the heroes back.

The Soul Stone Has Everyone’ Souls

Finally, a popular theory is that to bring everyone back, the Avengers must destroy the soul stone. The premise of this theory is that everyone is stuck inside the soul stone. This was evidenced when Thanos has a vision of Gomora in an orange world. Fans jumped to this conclusion because the soul stone is also orange.

But, let’s not forget that there is a bigger villain who will be introduced in Avengers Endgame and perhaps that villain will throw all these theories out of the park!

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