CoD Mobile Season 8: Juggernaut Mode


Season 8 of Call of Duty Mobile update is said to feature a Multiplayer mode called Juggernaut. This will force players to battle a rival on the map with an armor advantage and weapon immunity than before. Although the XS1 Goliath has been a regular appearance on the Frontline maps, the Juggernaut is a whole other game.

Call of Duty Mobile Update

The new season is expected to also feature many challenges which include Highrise, 1v1 Duel and a World Championship. With new CoD assault weapons along with a katana added to the player’s arsenal, the update is supposed to add value to inventory.

How does the Juggernaut mode work?

From the official promotional video released by Call of Duty Mobile, the Juggernaut mode works based on a few rules

  1. It is a 5 vs 1 Multiplayer mode where one Juggernaut suit would land on the map. Claiming the suit would immedietely divide the teams.
  2. Killing the Juggernaut would make you the new Juggernaut. This would virtually allow each of the players to have a go at the suit.
  3. You will have no boosts from your customized loadouts. The weapons that you get will be only available in the Armament boxes that spawn across the map. The Armament boxes give you an operative skill or a powerful buff to beat the Juggernaut.
  4. Taking down the Juggernaut gets you the most points.
  5. The other players target the Juggernaut and the player with the most points, as the Juggernaut or taking down the Juggernaut wins the game.

How do you defeat the Juggernaut?

The insane armor and minigun that you get makes it very difficult to take down. The suit’s minigun increases accuracy as you get closer to the player wearing the suit, only increasing your chances of getting a face full of bullets. Typically, the best option would be to reserve your launchers and scorestreaks to defeat the mech suit.

Since the suit also makes the user move much slower than the typical player, dodging the suit’s fire from afar. Staying away from the Juggernaut’s line of fire would help along with sniping the mech suit with SMRS or an FHJ-18 would do great damage.

Previous appearances

The Juggernaut made its first appearance in Modern Warfare 2’s Special Ops mode and has featured in several Call Of Duty games since then.

Juggernaut Modern Warfare

Call of Duty Warzone released a Juggernaut Battle Royale a few days ago, where 150 players would be dropped on an island along with on single juggernaut suit. The players were free to claim the suit to lay devastation upon the unlucky others who were too close but didn’t get the suit. The suit gives a massive advantage to the wearer as it provides increased resistance from grenades and assault fire. However, it also significantly reduces the speed of the wearer simply due to the weight so most users ended up dying outside the safe zone, simply because they couldn’t run fast enough with the suit on. But if a player does die in the suit, another one is dropped on the map for the other survivors to claim.

The XS1 Goliath has already been a part of the Call of Duty Mobile gameplay so players would have a fair idea about how the Juggernaut suit would work. However, fans have argued about which suit would win but considering that there are so many types, it would be interesting to see which juggernaut Activision decides to introduce into its new mode.

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