CoD Mobile Season 8 – The Forge: Gun Leaks


With the announcement of Season 7 coming to an end today, Call of Duty: Mobile franchise has also announced the release of its new map. The recent updates about the season have probably excited the Call of Duty: Mobile community as it feels that Season 7 just came and so soon, it’s time for the farewell. The franchise just released the new Highrise map trailer, for the multiplayer gameplay. The tweet about the new map by the official Call of Duty: Mobile page has left a lot of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare gamers surprised and has led to comparisons among the storyline of COD: Mobile versus COD: Modern Warfare

The leaks have been coming from the Garena version of the game. There have been multiple guesses as to what is going to be the name for the upcoming season. Although according to some leaks it was to be named as ‘Apocalypse Day’ which now is confirmed to be ‘The Forge’.

CoD Mobile : Highrise Map Teaser Poster

From the looks of it, the update brings in a few functional upgrades and the fresh new character, a new map, new scorestreak, a new gun and some cosmetic changes with some new skins.

Legendary Gun Skins Leaks

The update is probably going to come up with new HS0405 shotgun skin, a new RPD – Practical Joker skin which we guess is the one seen in the leaked posters below, two UL736 skins and a DL Q33 sniper skin is also in the way and is called the Fatigue. Many other leaks for the knife’s skin, Chicom, PDW, MSMC, HG40 Living Rust skin- an Epic one, and many more are on its way. A QQ9- Melting Point skin is also leaked to be arriving which is going to be a legendary skin for the season and lastly a GKS – snake bite skin which is going to be the epic skin.

RPD – Practical Joker Skin (expected)

Next leak is that there is going to be a brand-new assault rifle that is going to be added in COD: Mobile.

Garena Call of Duty Mobile : Facebook Cover

As you can see the poster by Garena Call of Duty Mobile shows, in the new epic guns the left gun is the identical replica to a Call of Duty: Ghost gun, that was released in 2014 called the MAVERICK AR and everyone thought we might be getting not one but two brand new assault rifle, but hard luck, it unfortunately turns out to be just a new AK117- Kit Bag skin which looks super cool but fades the enthusiasm we had.

Hold on, the best is yet to come…

Last but not the least, the new gun all the COD: Mobile gamers looking forward to is the DR-H which comes with an awesome Chained skin. DR-H is a version of the gun SCAR-H which is available in multiple Call of Duty versions. SCAR-H deals with high damage per shot but smaller magazine capacity gun, in Modern Warfare II it had capacity going up to 30 ammo in extra mag capacity and normally with a small magazine size of 20 bullets. So there are assumption that it might be the assault rifle with maximum damage per shot  capability.

CoD Mobile seems to have one of the best seasons coming up and is really hyped among the gamers. With the title ‘The Forge’ CoD: Mobile franchise is bringing some very cool updates and I personally cant wait to get some awesome kills with the DR-H assault rifle equipped on the new character coming up.

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