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Contagion, an english movie released in 2011 is one of the most downloaded and watched movie in the corona virus pandemonium. In the movie Contagion, a virus orignated from bats in china spreads all over the world killing more than 22 million people before they find the cure and vaccinate all the people with it.

Contagion movie download full torrents streaming
Contagion movie download full torrents streaming

The similarities between how the virus originated and how it spread to the current epedemic of Corona virus is mind boggingly similar. Also, the citizens of USA are curently specualting that Corona or Covid 19 is a man made virus imparted from china to the rest of the world. This is a discussion for another blog post.

Contagion is currently streaming on Amazon prime, Netflix, Daily motion.

Contagion movie download full torrents

Contagion movie can be downloaded from torrents by searching for torrent magents of Contagion movie. This movie has become the largest pirated movie in the past one week since the outbreak of Corona virus.

Instead, you can also download the movie by directly downloading it from the Contagion telegram channel free of cost.

Contagion movie english subtitles download

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