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Dark Phoenix, the latest installment of the X-Men franchise has been released today i.e., on 5th June 2019 worldwide. The movie more criticism than praise in the way in which the story panned out.

Many of the fans worldwide opine that they should’ve stopped the franchise with Logan. It would have been a bitter sweet for the loyal fans of the franchise from more than a decade.

Dark Phoenix post credit scene

Unfortunately, the Dark phoenix movie doesn’t have any post credit scenes. This is unfortunate but not unexpected. Dark phoenix would probably be the final installment for the X-Men franchise. This is where fans are pissed with the production house about the conclusion to their favourite X-Men franchise.

Is makes sense for the movie to not have any end credits as Disney is expected to reboot the X-Men franchise with new story and actors.

Dark Phoenix box office prediction

The trade circles are predicting that Dark phoenix would bomb at the box-office. Disney has set the box office expectations of dark phoenix at bare minimum. They are expecting that Dark phoenix would make a total of $113 million in the entire domestic run. This in itself would make the much anticipated movie a blockbuster disaster.

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