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Note: Netflix new release this week August 19 – August 25

Mind Hunter, one of the most watched and coveted crime drama series from netflix is back for 2nd season. Midnhunter season 2 is available on Netflix now for binge watching. All 9 episodes of Mindhunter has been released at once. You can stream all the episodes if you have netflix subscription. You can signup for 30-day free trial on netflix just for watching Minhunter season 2.

Download mindhunter season 2
Mindhunter season 2 download

MindHunter season 2 release date on Netflix

The 2nd season of MindHunter is being released on 16th August 2019 on Netflix.

There are 9 episodes in Mind Hunter season 2. All the 9 episodes will be released on 16th August 2019. Fans can binge watch the entire season 2 on this friday night on Netflix.

Mind Hunter season 2 episode list

No.Episode NameEpisode DownloadDuration
12.1 Mind Hunters S2E01 download 48 minutes
22.2 Mind Hunters S2E02 download 46 minutes
32.3 Mind Hunters S2E03 download 60 minutes
42.4 Mind Hunters S2E04 download 51 minutes
52.5 Mind Hunters S2E05 download 71 minutes
62.6 Mind Hunters S2E06 download 58 minutes
72.7 Mind Hunters S2E07 download 58 minutes
82.8 Mind Hunters S2E08 download 53 minutes
92.9 Mind Hunters S2E09 download 73 minutes

Download Mind hunters season 2 torrents

Mind Hunters season 2 can be downloaded from torrents just by getting the torrent magnet links. From Netflix, you can only watch but not download Mind hunters season 2.

Download Mindhunters season 2 Telegram Channel

You can download all the episodes of season 2 of Mindhunters from the Mindhunters telegram channel. All the episodes will be added to the channel immediately after they are aired on Netflix.

P.S. We don’t have any association with the telegram channel.

Index of Mind Hunters season 2

Index of Mind hunters season 2 gives all the results on the web where the videos of Mindhunters indexed. So, index of mindhunters will help in finding the direct videos for download.

Mindhunter season 2 english subtitles download

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