Download The 100 season 6 episode 5 | The 100 S06E05 | The 100 latest episode Netflix Live streaming


Download The 100 season 6 episode 5 | The 100 S06E05 | The 100 latest episode Netflix Live streaming

The 100 season 6 episode 5 is aired on 28th May 2019. This episode is titled “The Gospel of Josephine”.

In last episode we’ve seen Clarke being taken to the castle and made a host for Josephine, the daughter of Prime Russel and Simone. The chip looked very similar to that of Alie 2.0 that’s currently in the head of Madi.

In the 5th episode of season 6 of The 100, we can expect to see more mysteries surrounding the Sanctum.

The 100 6X05 Download
The 100 6X05 Download

Preview of The 100 S06E05:

Jordan investigates Sanctum, the mysterious planet; Octavia and Diyoza discover the threats and hidden mysteries of the new planet; Bellamy and Clarke butt heads. Josephine’s secret would be extremely hard to contain from her friends as she has the habit of twirling her hair and it is only a matter of days before someone finds out that she is actually not Clarke.
The real question to answer is who is going to find out the truth about Clarke? Is it going to be Bellamy or Madi or Raven or who?

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Is Clarke dead? – The 100

No. For the time being, Clarke’s conscience will be overtaken by that of Josephine. But, it can be said with certainty that Clarke will make a comeback and is definitely not dead.

Will we see Clarke again? – The 100

If we’ve learnt anything from the past 5 seasons about Clarke, she is anything but a quitter. She’ll be fighting Josaphine from her body and with Madi’s help, she might take back the control of her body. So, it extremely certain that we’re going to see Clarke again.

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