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Are they really educational??

Doscovery Tour

UBISOFT recently launched an educational game and the free version of their Discovery Tour from the Assassin’s Creed series, Featuring Egypt & Greece.

These Discovery Tours were a part of The Assassin’s Creed games- Assassin’s Creed Origins & Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. These series have always been known for the historical details in the game and events that are accurate to bring out the historical significance in them.

Many gamers doubted the tours as the Odyssey game consisted of Supernatural Elements, but the Discovery Tour is an entirely separate entity from the game itself. You can say that it has everything except the campaigns, you can roam around whole of Greece & Egypt and look out for various infrastructure and the detailed game environments that depict how life was in that particular era, that specific time period.

Education in Ubisoft
A scene exploring Athens in Discovery tour.

Apart from Ubisoft, PARADOX DEVELOPMENT STUDIO had brought Crusader Kings 2- a grand strategy game from the middle ages. The kingdoms, all the conquests & even the kings are real that existed 1500 years before. And if you are keen to take a trip back in time, you are welcome to do that.

Next comes the total war series, I guess many of us would have heard about it & played if you are a strategy fan. TOTAL WAR: ROME 2 is the 8th title in the series. And it was a massive success that it’s seven predecessors. It focused more on the accuracy of the incidents that consisted of the game’s Roman campaign that began around 272 B.C. and lasted for 300 years. You get to control a vast army of forces as you demolish, destroy, divide & conquer.

Educational Gaming

A few weeks back Epic Games gave CIVILIZATION 6 for Free as their Mystery Box weekend. Civilization 6 does not give you just a snippet of history, but it lets you play the entire history in a condensed form as you start from the scratch and go on to build a modern city or to be more precise, a modern civilization.

Civilization 6

RABBIDS CODING- it’s a Coding Educational Game that was released recently by UBISOFT to teach the basics of coding through the game. It focused more on the kids as you get 32-Puzzles in this game which gets harder as you progress further, and guess what? It’s Free!!! It’s the world demand right now, and we have seen many youngsters not getting into coding due to its complexities, and that’s why Ubisoft had come up with a fun way to teach them.

There are many other games that we have not included in this like, many of them belonging to the same series as discussed above, like Civilization 5, Total war Rome, & others like Age of empires, Napoleon war. The list is long, but we decided to bring such games that would be graphically good to play in 2020. I hope you enjoyed it.

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