Faceless Men Theories That’ll Blow Your Mind!

faceless man theories of game of thrones

The Faceless Men are an enigmatic bunch that have been intriguing readers and viewers for a long time now. Right from their first introduction in the form of Jaqen H’gar, this group of assassins have led to fans falling over themselves to get to the bottom of who they are, and how they affect the realm. Now that Game of Thrones season 8 is on its way, it’s time to brush up on some of the popular theories concerning those who inhabit the House of Black and White.

The Return of The Faceless Men Explained – Game of Thrones Season 8 Theory

The Faceless Men Destroyed Valyria

Valyria was an ancient place in Esos that was filled with dragons and powerful families who controlled them. In fact, the Targaryens were only one of the smaller, less powerful families in this area. One day, due to an eruption of 14 volcanoes, the entire region was destroyed, along with the dragons. The Targaryens had fled Valyria a few years earlier, which is why they survived and went on to rule Westeros.

Jaqen H’gar tells Arya Stark about the first Faceless Man who killed a slave in the slave pits of Valyria. He tells her that the man gave the slave the gift of death. Arya objects to this, asking why he didn’t kill the masters instead, and H’gar replies by saying that he did, but that is a tale for a different day. Due to this exchange, many fans believe that the original Faceless Man caused all 14 volcanoes to erupt in Valyria, thus destroying the slave masters and the city all in one go.

The Faceless Men Serve the White Walkers

The White Walkers were created with the aim of destroying all men. Faceless Men, who worship the God of Death, are often heard saying ‘All Men Must Die’ (Valar Morghulis). Due to this commonality, many fans believe that the Faceless Men and White Walkers are on the same side. They aim to kill all men as a form of revenge for destroying the Old Gods and many cultures. However, this theory does not really sit that well.

For starters, the Faceless Men believe in a debt system with the Many Faced God. They believe that death is a gift that is awarded to the people who are named to them. The White Walkers practice no such distinctions. They kill anyone who is in their path, simply because that is their nature. To say that the two overlap is to mix apples and oranges just because both are fruits!

The Faceless Men Are Already Dead

This theory makes a lot of sense. According to fans who believe it, the Faceless Men are all already dead. As a part of their initiation, they must drink from the poisoned well at the House of Black and White, which brings them into the shared consciousness of their people. Their bodies are now vessels that canbe used to wear any face and take on any identity.

This is one of the reasons why we don’t see Arya Stark dying when she drinks from the well. The idea of the shared collective consciousness is not new to GoT. In fact, that is how the weirwoods function too. It makes sense for the Faceless Men to destroy their personalities to become ‘no one’ so that they can easily integrate into a larger shared consciousness. This process of destroying themselves can be likened to dying. After all, what is dying but the destruction of the self?

Beloved dead characters are Faceless Men

Now this theory is more of a wish fulfilment one rather than one that makes sense. Many fans believe that Ned Stark was a Faceless Man, who took the form of Jaqen H’gar and took Arya Stark under his wing. Others believe that Rhaegar Targaryen is a Faceless Man who is helping Arya Stark because she looks like her aunt, Lyanna. Another reason why he could be helping her is that her actions will have an impact on the bringing about of Azor A’hai.

Some people also believe that Littlefinger is alive and the man we saw die was actually a body double. But Faceless Men are assassins, and we’re not sure if they can be hired to impersonate someone and die in their place. Which theory do you think makes the most sense? If you can’t get enough of the Faceless Men, check out our Jaqen H’gar theories too!

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