Game of thrones prequel titled “BloodMoon” to release on 2020


Bloodmoon, one of the multiple spin-offs of Game of thrones has already started filming. The shooting of Bloodmoon is currently underway in Belfast.


BloodMoon release date

The show Bloodmoon is set to air it’s pilot in 2020. It was set 1000’s of years before the current tv show. So, we’ll finally get a good understanding of the night king, the white walkers, the children of the forest, the first men among others.

Bloodmoon will be produced by HBO but not directed by the directors D & D of Game of thrones. So, the fans who are disappointed with season 8 of Game of thrones can breathe a sigh of relief.

Naomi Watts is reportedly playing a crucial role. She might be playing a Lannister lady, just like Cersei Lannister.

Bloodmoon trailer game of thrones spinoff

Unfortunately, there won’t be any trailer of Bloodmoon after the final episode of Game of thrones airs.

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