Gear up We’re going on war -the Gears of War series.


That’s Gears of War!! Unique Weapons, great graphics, variety of enemies to slaughter, good storyline, and well-crafted characters.How does that fare in Gears of War 4?

Gear up
Gear up

The story opens up with a 25-year gap from gears of war 3, with the formation of COG and “Outsiders” that live outside the COG Jurisdiction. This time we have enemies different than the ordinary locust that you see in the pass GOW games.

gears of war 3
gears of war 3

The campaign this time also features split-screen co-op and is around 10 hours, from my playthrough, and the graphics are impressive with weather changing and Particles flowing around. The weapons are similar to the previous games, you are still allowed to slice the enemies if you get close enough, and the multiplayer consists of different modes that will keep you going for longer hours.

multiplayer grear of war 3
multiplayer Gear of war 3

It received positive reviews from the critics and is still to date one of the best gears game ever made.

Author: Nishant

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