Gibiate is coming out this week; 15 July 2020


Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy

One of the most awaited anime Gibiate is coming out tomorrow, and we can’t wait to watch what it holds for us! The trailer has given us a hint of Time travelSamuraiNinjaa virus outbreakoutlaws, and monsters. Can it get any more super?


It is set in Japan, in the year 2030, it features a world ravaged by a disease that has infected humans. The infected people turn into monsters of different forms based on their gender, race, and age. And fighting these monsters are time-traveling Samurai & Ninja!

I bet you didn’t see that coming, now did you? They both have traveled from the early Edo period and are fighting along with a doctor who is trying to find a cure for Gibia. Facing incessant attacks from Gibias, and outlaws that attack travelers for food, they begin questing a dangerous journey surrounded by enemies.


Kanzaki Sensui

A samurai who traveled from the early Edo period. Also known as ‘Senningiri’ (thousand men slasher), he has cut down numerous enemies during Sengoku period with his twin swords of Japanese Katana and a Western sword. However, he makes himself a commandment against killing now.

Sanada Kenroku

A ninja who traveled from the early Edo period with Sensui. A blood relative to Sanada Family, the Sengoku-daimyo of Shinano Domain. He is cheerful and energetic, fighting against Gibias with his bombs.

Dr. Yoshinaga

A doctor who is studying a vaccine which will be the cure for Gibia and collecting ‘venomous stingers of Gibia’, with the help of Sensui and Kenroku.

Kathleen Funada

Dr.Yoshinaga’s assistant. An optimistic half-blood girl, not good at fighting. But she manages to save Sensui and Kenroku as they have just arrived at the modern world.

Onikura Yukinojyo

A warrior monk from Sengoku period who is good at fighting with clubs. Bold, firm, but delicate characteristics.

Hatonami Renjiro

The leader of Galients, the outlaw gang. He used to be the boss of mafia. Having broken the prison, he attacks Sensui and other people for food, with his weapon of Nagadosu (a type of Japanese sword).

Gibiate is going to be full of action! 

Let it roll Crunchyroll!

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