Gifted 2017 Movie review Chris Evans


Gifted, a movie released on 2017 is rated 7.6/10 in IMDB. This rating doesn’t justify the film as an whole. It is a solid 10/10 film.

Gifted movie 2017
Gifted movie 2017

Gifted is a movie about an extremely gifted girl child. Chris Evans gets into a legal battle with his mother to get the custody of his sister’s daughter. The grandmother has ulterior motives to take custody of the grand daughter as she wants the child to finish the work started by her mother. Solving the Navier Stokes equation has been the ultimate motive of the mother of the child, who herself is a gifted mathematician.

Coming to the performances, Our beloved captain America Chris Evans has delivered a stellar performance. The girl Mary (Mckenna Grace) has performed exceptionallt well when we take her age into consideration. The movie also stars octavia spencer as a friendly neighbour and a dear friend to both Chris and Mckenna.

This is one movie which every movie lover should watch. It is entertaining, emotional and heart warming.

Watch the trailer of Gifted 2017 movie starring Chris Evans

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