Green Lantern New Series Announced REBOOT !!


A New Series for Green Lantern Is Coming to HBO Max .HBO max is a New Streaming Service which will be launched next year in May 2020 starting at $14.99 a month which is a little expensive.

But Anyways, A new Series For Green Lantern is under Development.So now Greg Who also worked on Series like Flash , Arrow Supergirl is gonna produce the Series.

Greg Berlanti is the guy who made that Green Lantern Movie which was a total Flop.

Now there are Rumors that the Arrow Character John Diggle Could become Green Lantern in the Series.

where as Greg made a statement which was :

“In What Promises to be our biggest DC show ever made we will be going to be space with a Green Lantern TV Series but i cant Reveal More “

But there was no news regarding how this series will affect the previously announced Green Lantern movie which will be produced by Jeff ,but its been an era since there was this announcement of that movie and no word has been heard regarding that so its possible that this show might take its place.

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