Grand Theft Auto V Online 9th July Weekly Update


9th July Weekly Update

As we all know GTA Online has weekly patch updates. This is the second weekly update of the month. Kindly, keep reading for the patch details for this week.

Grand Theft Auto Online 9th July Update

New Content

Podium Car: Vagner

Try your luck in the casino to get the podium car.

Grand Theft Auto Online Podium Car- Vagner

Double GTA money and RP Activities:

For this week, GTA Online has double money for Air Freight.

Triple GTA money and RP Activities:

For the following week in GTA Online, we are getting 3x times more RP and GTA Money by doing Stockpile.

Grand Theft Auto Online 3x Money and RP

Discount Content:

The following Items are kept for sale this week.


Grand Theft Auto Online Osiris


Grand Theft Auto Online T20

Scramjet, $2,436,000

Grand Theft Auto Online Scramjet

FH-1 Hunter, $1,860,000

Grand Theft Auto Online FH-1 Hunter

RM-10 Bombushka, $2,670,000

Grand Theft Auto Online RM-10 Bombushka

LF-22 Starling, $1,650,000

Grand Theft Auto Online LF-22 Starling

Rogue, $720,000

Grand Theft Auto Online Rouge

Rocket Voltic, $2,016,000/$2,681,280

Grand Theft Auto Online Rocket Voltic

Ultralight for Free this week.

Grand Theft Auto free item for this week- Ultralight

Hangars, 50% Discount and Hangar Renovations, 50% Discount

Grand Theft Auto Hangers

Garages, 50% Discount

Grand Theft Auto V Garage

Time Trial:

Elysian Island, has time trial with par time of 01:40:00

RC Bandito Time Trial:

Construction Site II, with par time of 01:12:00

Twitch Prime Bonuses:

For Twitch Prime users, this week has the below opportunities, check it out.


Overflod Imorgon,$324,750

Additional Information:

Rockstar regularly updates the game with the following:

  • Price cuts for new and old contents
  • Double GTA dollars and RP awarded on certain game modes
  • A new vehicle , tracks and along with time trials

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