“HBO” Just Announced There Will Be 2-Hour Post-Finale Documentary For Game Of Thrones


HBO announces Game of Thrones documentary with behind-the-scenes footage & story

The last season of Game of Thrones saga hasn’t come out to an end, but the fans have already started suffering post-GOT blues. The fans though, are not alone in all this; even the actors, production team and entire crew seem to be suffering from the same thoughts.

HBO though have already planned for life after Game of Thrones but with GOT itself. HBO has already sanctioned a full length 2 hour documentary feature on GOT called the Game of Thrones: The last watch (See how they played with the Night’s watch part and how it’s like the last line of defense in Westeros).

Game of thrones | The last watch – Official trailer (HBO)

Game of Thrones | The Last Watch – Official Trailer (HBO)

The Last Watch.The two-hour Game of Thrones documentary premieres Sunday, May 26 on HBO.

Posted by HBO Documentary Films on Monday, May 13, 2019

In the documentary ‘The Last Watch’, it’s going to be the last bits of the entire Game of Thrones saga from behind the sets. There will be lots of behind-the-scenes footage and stories to tell. But, HBO is just concentrating the documentary on season 8 alone. We would have definitely wanted to know the whole bunch of stories behind all 8 seasons, not just one. I mean it would be great to know when and where did George R.R. Martin decide to kill of specific characters, just to suit the TV version of GOT.

Arya Stark and Brianne training scene

HBO has explained what the documentary is all about, they say ‘It delves into the mud and blood to reveal all the tears and triumphs involved in bringing Westeros to life in the studios, in fields and car-parks of Northern Ireland. The documentary is going to be funny, witty and yet heartbreaking. It’s going to carry real emotions of what it means to create a world-and then having to say goodbye to it.

The Post-GOT blues are going to hit all of us hard and ‘The Last Watch’ which is going to be aired on May 26th – one week after the finale, will hopefully ease the blow.

Here are some of the behind the scenes pictures from Game of Thrones

Danereys and her dragon
Jon snow and Danereys
Tyrion and cersei with night walker
Ser Davos with Shireen
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