How to Download Valorant on PC


Valorant is a competitive shooter that takes a lot on from Counterstrike: Global offensive in terms of gunplay and gameplay setup. Two teams compete in the unrated format in a best of 25 rounds format with rotation between the attacking and defending side after 12 rounds. What makes the game stand out as we saw in the closed beta is the introduction of abilities and roles somewhat like a League of Legends, since the developer is Riot Games, we can trust them to know what they are doing. Here is how you download Valorant for PC.

Step by Step guide to download and install Valorant.

1.     Go to the play Valorant website

The play now button on Play Valorant website
Play Now button on

Since Valorant is a Riot Games Developed game it isn’t available on your usual game stores like Steam and Origin. You will have to go to the website directly in order to start your download by hitting the Play now button on the webpage. Click the link here.

2.     Create/sign in to your Riot Games account.

In order to complete your download, you will have to either sign-in to your already existing riot account or create a new one. Click here to create your new account.

If you already have a riot games account Click here to sign in.

3.     Download Valorant

Download button after login
Download Valorant button

Once you have signed into your riot account you will be sent to the download page where you will be able to download the game. Using the Download button right in the middle of the screen. This will download an Install Valorant.exe file to your computer.

4.     Run the Install Valorant.exe application file

This application will now start the game download after you accept the terms and condition and have sufficient space for the download to complete the approximate size at the time of writing this article is 7.9 Gb, which can change depending on the current patch.

If you are not able to find the install Valorant application make sure to check your downloads folder as well as the downloads in your browser.

5.     Valorant Vanguard

During the installation process, you will be asked to install the Valorant Vanguard, don’t be scared it is Riot Game’s way of making sure you don’t face any hackers in the game. That is to say, it is the latest anti-cheat system by Riot games designed especially for Valorant.

Take note that you will not be able to play Valorant without Valorant Vanguard installed on your PC.

6.     Valorant is ready to play

Once the download is completed Valorant will be installed automatically. Then all you have to do after that is simply log in to your riot account through the client and play Valorant.

Now that you are ready to play Valorant your journey is just beginning, Valorant is a deeply tactical game with gameplay mechanics that go very deep. So keep an eye out for our guides for Valorant.

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