How to fix Hyper Scape Vulkan error

vulkan error in hyper scape

Ubisoft just gave us the open beta worldwide to Hyper Scape the newest and the most flashy battle royale on the market. If you are facing the Vulcan driver error here is the solution.

To download the game all you need is an Uplay application on your system and install it through the Uplay store.

AMD builds seem to be facing an issue where they are not able to boot the game due to a No driver detect error [Vulcan], Here is our guide to fix this issue for sure.

Step 1: Check all the drivers and updates.

This is only a precautionary step to confirm that everything is up to date.

Here is a list of run of the mill updates you need to check.

  1. Windows Update
  2. Nvidia/AMD graphic card drivers.

If these are up to date you should be sorted for the next step. 

Tip: If you were using some other software while installing Hyper Scape run a clean boot before the next step.

Step 2: Update your integrated graphics driver

The issue is persistent in a system that run AMD processors. Seems to be that Vulkan boots using your integrated graphics card. 

Make sure to update your integrated graphic card be it AMD or intel if you are facing the Vulkan driver not available error. Click here to update your driver on the AMD website.

Shows the AMD Driver website

Choose the correct driver for your PC. And download the relevant latest driver. It will most likely be the Adrenaline 2020 edition software. 

Make sure to check the factory reset button and restart your PC. After installation of the drivers is complete you should not get an error for Vulkan drivers.

To summarize the issue is most likely with your integrated graphic card driver and not with Uplay. If your issues are not fixed after this contact Ubisoft support directly through their support accounts.

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