How to Unlock new agents in Valorant


If you have been having trouble understanding how to unlock new agents in Valorant this is the article for you. BONUS you will get to know how to unlock weapon skins in too.

Unlocking your first two agents in Valorant

When you start the game you will have 5 free agents already unlocked. Sage, Brimstone, Sova, Jett, and the fireball Phoenix. 

You will get prompted by the game after playing a few games to unlock your two free agents. These can be any of the 6 agents Breach, Reyna, Raze, Cypher, Omen, and Viper.

You will have to activate the agent contracts to get the rest of the agents.

Showing the agents tab on the home screen for valorant
Select the agents tab

How to activate an agents contracts.

To activate an Agents contract you will have to go to the agent’s tab from the home screen of Valorant after starting the game. Once you select the agent you can go through the items that are in the agent’s tracks.  

You can see all the items that are available in that particular track and at Tier 5 you will unlock the agent whose contract is active.

Agents select screen in the agents tab
Choose the agent contract you want to activate

Understanding Agents contracts

As you might have noticed that you don’t really earn and gold or in-game currency after a match in valorant. What you earn is XP or experience points after every match. These experience points contribute to your battlepass Tiers.  

Similarly, The same experience points contribute to your agent contracts. Increasing your contract Tier will allow you to unlock new items that are included in that agent’s tracks. 

At Tier 5 Of the agent contract, you will unlock the agent whose contract you have set to active.

Showing the agent contract screen
Tier 5 Unlocks the agent

Unlocking agents without agent contracts

If you do not wish to grind for XP you can, of course, pay to unlock the agents. Each Tier of the agent’s contract costs 200 valorant points to Tier up the agent’s track to Tier 5 from scratch it will take a 1000 valorant points cost 11.99€ (i.e. ₹1,013 as on 08/07/202)

Now that you know how the agent’s contract works you are ready to unlock and enjoy valorant even more. If you are wondering which agents to unlock lookout for our tier list ranking the agents from best to not too shabby.

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