How to use tiktok even after banning in India | Tiktok VPN | Tiktok apk download


Well, this has finally happened. The Indian government has banned Tiktok along with 58 other Chinese apps in retaliation to the escalated tensions in the borders.

Tiktok being a chinese app is the one that has a lot to share as out of the 2 billion downloads it has more than 600Million downloads are from Indian subcontinent. This number is even higher than the number of downloads tiktok has in china.

How to use tiktok even after banning in India | Tiktok VPN | Tiktok apk download

Tiktok owner name and headquarters?

The owner of tiktok is a chinese company called bytedance. The headquarters of tiktok is in mainland china.

When is TikTok banned in India?

Tiktok is banned in India recently on 29th June 2020 around 6PM IST after an executive order from the government of India.

Why is TikTok still working in India even after the ban?

Users can still find tiktok in google play store and apple app store in India even after indian government banning it and majority of the Indians are confused in this regard. So, government of India might’ve already submitted a request to goole play store and apple app store to remove tiktok along with 58 other popular chinese apps such as UC browser, Shareit, camscanner etc. It might take a little time for the changes to reflect on their respective app stores. Rest assured, all these banned apps would be removed from the play store and app store from immediate effect atleast in Indian geography.

How to use tiktok even after banning in India?

While tiktok is banned in India, many users still want to access it to restore their content, their drafts, followers etc. While, the data of existing accounts is still intact, accessing the data becomes a problem for the users. The following method is obtaned from general knowledge and we don’t bear responisibility after you follow it.

Download tiktok VPN and use tiktok on your phone even from India.

Tiktok free apk download Play store

While tiktok cannot be found on app store, new users can still download it by downloading it through apk and installing it one the phone just like you do it for real money gaming apps like Dream 11, rummycircle etc.

Steps to download tiktok free apk

  1. Download the tiktok apk in zip format here
  2. Extract the apk from the tiktok zip file
  3. Install the apk and use tiktok as usual

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