Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness Plot Leaked !!


This is the very first plot leak that we’ve gotten for Doctor Strange in the multiverse of madness it’s the first one that we’ve gotten since the movie has been announced

So this leak comes from reddit so like with all leaks please take it as it is uncorrect but there’s a lot of things that are really exciting and just really make a lot of sense

Now Marvel has already stated that this will be the first horror Film in the MCU but it will be pg-13 and Marvel has also Confirmed that it is going to tie in directly to Wanda and vision.

So What Is The Leak ?

“The Leak says that in the series Wanda will go insane and she splits open the multiverse now Dr Strange here is Torn between trying to kill her or redeem her.and ofcourse he has to also find a way to Fix the Shattered Multiverse before its unfix-able.

and according to the leak Monica Rambeau aka (Captain Marvel) Jimmy woo and Darcy Lewis will also be a part of this movie as well.

The Leak Also Says that there will be new characters in the Movie which include Clea a seasoned sorcerer from the Hong Kong sanctum that Stephen(Dr Strange) falls in love with also Jericho drum a necromancer from the London sanctum and of course Wong Christine and the ancient one are returning now.

and finally according to the leak the main Villain Nightmare is going to target Wanda influencing her terror and making her go insane.

Agatha Harkness who is a disciple of Nightmare who was proficient in witchcraft and Shuma gorath the Lord of chaos these 3 will be a pain in the ass for Dr Strange but then there’s a really interesting part about this leak it says that Wiccan is going to be assisting dr. strange now for those of you who do not know Wiccan is Wanda’s son.

haha yes you heard it right he is their son and this makes perfect sense because there is a show about wanda and vision on Disney Plus. whereas the news is that they are casting two babies on the show it’s pretty much all but confirmed that Wiccan and speed are going to be in the show but this is very interesting because it really does seem like we are following the House of M Comics.

Ok now for the interesting part which Says there are gong to be zombies of Captain America , Iron Man , Hulk But they will be from an another timeline.

So This is it For Now Let us Know in the comments if you would like the movie if the leak is true

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