KGF 2 new look, release date, trailer


KGF 2 is the second part of the mangum opus movie KGF from the kannada film industry starring Yash as the lead. It has given kannada film industry, nationwide recognition with the 1st movie. With gripping story and impeccable elevations of the hero, the 1st part is a huge hit and the fans across India are eagerly waiting for the 2nd part of KGF.

KGF 2 new look on 13 March 2020

KGF 2 movie new look poster teaser trailer released
KGF 2 movie new look poster teaser trailer released

KGF 2 release date announced

KGF 2 movie will be released across India on 23rd october 2020.

The poster released has the famous dialouge of the movie of Yash saying “May I come in?”

How many langaugaes if KGF 2 being released in?

KGF 2 is being planned to released in a totla of 5 langauges. All the south indian languages kannada, telugu, tamil, malayalam and in the Hindi language to cater to the north Indian movie fans.

Watch KGF 2 movie latest teaser trailer

The teaser trailer of KGF 2 is not yet released. We’ll update the page as soon as the latest trailer of KGF 2 is released. Keep following the page for more!

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