Is Lord Baelish still alive? LittleFinger is Alive Theory Explained


Petyr Baelish or ‘Littlefinger’ is one of the sharpest minds of Westeros. He was in all regards the biggest player who was responsible for this tussle between all the powerhouses for the Iron Throne. He just wanted to pit everyone against each other, kill family after family and be the only powerful person left to rule Westeros. However, he met his end when he tried to pit the Stark sisters, Sansa and Arya, against each other. Littlefinger’s death was one of the most shocking moments but was cheered on by many fans. However, given how shrewd Littlefinger is, is it fair to believe that he is dead for good?

Even though we see Arya slitting the throat of Baelish in one single swing and killing him, there still might be a possibility that he may be alive. The only possible explanation to this bizarre assumption is that Lord Baelish had hired a Faceless Man to dress up as him as he knew he was in danger. It was the Faceless Man that died and not he himself. There is enough proof for this theory to have some life in it.

In episode of 5 of season 7, we see Littlefinger talking to a maid and Arya overhearing them. If you listen carefully, the woman says to Littlefinger that his time is up and they exchange a Braavosi coin. We believe that this means Littlefinger knows about what Arya has been up to in the recent years. However, it is possible that he is paying a huge sum of money to that woman to don his face in order to deceive the Stark sisters. The big question here is how the faceless men can don somebody’s face when they are still alive! Well, the answer lies in a scene when Jaqan H’Ghar dies in front of Arya in the presence of the Waif. When Arya starts crying, the Waif standing next to Arya, becomes Jaqen. We all know that Waif is killed later in the show at the hands of Arya herself. Therefore, if Jaqan can don the face of the Waif even when she was alive, it just shows that expert Faceless Men can achieve this feat. This just adds credibility to the theory that Arya might have killed a Faceless Man instead of the real Littlefinger.

With these hints, is it possible that Littlefinger has yet again set in motion one of his masterstrokes to make him outlive his enemies? We all consider Littlefinger to be the master puppeteer and the most intelligent player in the race to sit on the Iron Throne. However, his recent decisions or thoughts do not accurately reflect his intelligence. He did not believe the Northerners would rally behind Jon Snow and make him the king of North. He saw Sansa being their Queen, given she was the legitimate heir to the post. His dream of marrying Sansa to get hold of the North flopped there as the Northerners did back Jon Snow to be their leader. He mistrusted the Boltons and let Sansa marry Ramsay Bolton.

Earlier in the show, Littlefinger takes a jibe at Cersei Lannister, telling her that he knows about her relationship with Jamie and that ‘Knowledge is Power’. Nonetheless, Cersei orders her guards to kill him immediately. Right when they get hold of him, Cersei replies by saying ‘Power is Power’. All these instances show that Littlefinger did make mistakes, making him as vulnerable as others in the game. This is why we believe that his mistakes led to his demise and the character may be dead for good. Him begging on his knees for his life before being killed was probably the last time we say Littlefinger.

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This is a theory I have figured out somehow, after searching almost everything and rewatching everything on the show. Also: This theory explains that the original Littlefinger would never turn Sansa against Arya. Take note that Littlefinger after episode 4 never entered the counsil room. So this explains it even more.

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