Game of Thrones Star Maisie Williams Latest Netflix Movie ‘Then Came You’ is Winning Over the Internet


The 22 year old British actress Maisie Williams who portrayed the role of Arya Stark has recently starred in a Netflix original titled “Then Came You”.  It is an absolute treat to watch whether or not you are a fan of Maisie Williams aka Arya Stark from Game of thrones.

The movie is a refreshing change for the actor and the audience from portraying the flamboyant faceless assassin to a terminal cancer patient. It also speaks volumes about the acting capabilities of the 22 year old actress.

Coming to the story, it predominantly revolves around two characters named Skye portrayed by Game of Thrones star Maisie Williams and Calvin portrayed by Asa Butterfield. Skye is a terminal cancer patient and Calvin is a teenager who’s afraid that he has cancer. They meet at a cancer support group. Skye is a care free soul whereas Calvin is an uptight individual with serious self esteem issues. Skye helps him discover himself, improve his confidence, even helps him sort his love life, all this battling a terminal cancer.

Calvin also helps Skye at her lowest point in life. He was there for her when none of her friends were there. He makes her final wishlist come true.

Sweet surprise: The funny chinese gangster from the Hangover movie “Ken Jeong” also stars in this movie and his scenes from the movie Then came you are extremely funny.

This movie has the same aura as the movies A Walk to remember and Fault in Our stars. Both, romantic movies with a tragic ending. The love story between a terminal patient and a normal one. It never ends well for anyone. But, the memories the pair create last for a lifetime.

The movie is a roller coaster ride of emotions. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll feel sorry, you’ll feel joy, basically, you feel all the emotions you’ve known in your life. All in all, it is a must watch movie for everyone, more so for the fans of Game of Thrones and Arya Stark.

You can watch the movie Then came you on Netflix if you have a paid subscription. Alternately, you can download the full movie “Then Came You” from the telegram channel

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