Money Heist Season 5 theories: Lisbon Aka Raquel May Betray The Professor


Alvaro Morte’s promising star of Money Heist Season 5 recently revealed his plan for his character to end in the series, this lead to several fan theories that spread across the digital media.

money heist season 5
money heist season 5

The fourth season of Money heist we all saw that the Professor declares war against the Spanish government after he knows that Nairobi was killed & Spanish police make him believed Lisbon was dead.

Professor inform public about the torture of Rio and also trying to blackmail the Spanish government using the red box, turns Money Heist Season 5 into another level like Wiki-leaks.

When details about illegal custody of Rio were made public, Inspector was forced to step down dues to this, and she wants to revenge this against the Professor. La Casa De Papel ended with Inspector holding a gun to the Professors’ head. 

So many fan theoriesare spread across the medias what will happen between Alicia and The Professor in season 5, Fans Already spkit between t between thinking that Alice will kill professor and destroythe plan of rest of the crew.

One theory that I found from online is quite interesting about Money Heist Season 5, Alice comes up with a plan and suggests professor to give the Redbox files, she wants to take revenge on higher authorities who take her down for their safety.

The Professor in a life and death situation, agree with Alicia all do things as per her words, will manipulate him into ruining his plans for the heist and put the gang in danger.

Could Alicia redeem herself in her colleagues’ eyes by getting The Professor to end the heist and for the gang to be captured?

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