Oberyn Martell & Matt Demon Archery Test Scene In The Great Wall (2017) Movie

Archery Test Scene In The Great Wall (2017) Movie

Oberyn Martell from the TV series Game of Thrones & Matt Demon from the popular movie Martian partnered for the movie The Great Wall.

Archery Test Scene In The Great Wall (2017) Movie is one of the most popular scenes just not only in the movie but in almost all the movies of both the actors combined.

In this scene, the commander of the army teases Matt for using a bow and arrow and challenges him to showcase his archery skills. In response to that Matt demon along with Oberyn martell shows their skills. They were then applauded by the entire audience gathered and they get a standing ovation for their heroism.

Oberyn was charming as always and at his witty best during the scene. The shooting of this movie commenced after he has played the Red viper character in Game of thrones. Though his stint in the TV series Game of thrones is small, he had a huge impact on the audience with his charm.

One of the most watched scenes featuring him is his fight with the mountain which ends up in the mountain crushing Oberyn Martell’s skull thereby killing him. Video is given below.

Game of thrones: Oberyn Martell death scene(The red viper)
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