Oberyn Martell vs The Mountain – How did I even miss these details!!


Oberyn Martell aka The red viper’s fight with the mountain is nothing but legendary. It is safe to say that this particular scene has got the hearts of the viewers racing. The scene had huge ramifications on the story-line as Oberyn Martells’s death means, Tyrion lost the trail and is sentenced to death.

Tyrion then kills Shae and Tywin Lannister. Heads on a voyage to the dragon queen and assumes responsibilties of the queen’s hand. On the other hand, Oberyn’s wife Ellaria sand kills the king of Dorne and take over the throne.

During my rewatch of the fight between Red viper and the mountain, I noticed a few details which I missed during my first watch.

Watch the video here:

Oberyn has actually used a poison coated spear in the fight which we come to know later. But, in this scene at 1:24 we can observe that the squire of Oberyn is applying poison to the spear used in the fight.

It was unethical of him to fight with a poisoned spear. Maybe the use of poison earlier in his life got him the name red viper? However, the maester Qyburn revives the mountain and makes him nothing less than a living zombie.

In other instance at 0:27, Tyrion advises Oberyn could atleeast wear a helmet which was brushed away by the red viper. He dies in the hands of the mountain after his skull was crushed to pieces.

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