One Piece Manga vs Anime | What is better & the differences b/w One Piece Manga


One Piece is one of the longest running and most popular mangas of the manga world. What started as a simple one-shot story in 1996, became much bigger and better than what the author Eiichiro Oda has imagined. The One Piece manga was originally started in Japanese. Soon, on popular deman from fans all over the world, manga fans started translating it in English.

After a period, the producers started making One Piece anime out of the One piece manga. The translation of the Japanese manga to English and the conversion of the manga to anime has increased the penetration and reach of the manga.

After all these years, one question still lingers among new comers and adopters of one format i.e., either the manga or anime. Which is better? One piece Manga or One piece Anime? We are here to close this discussion on the matter once and for all.

One Piece Manga vs One Piece Anime

One piece manga vs anime
One piece manga vs anime

Coming to the much debated about topic which is better among the One piece manga and Anime. The popular consenus among the fan circle is that One Piece Manga is better than the One piece anime. Don’t get disheartened! Hear out our reasons for calling this fight.

Manga is the original writings of the author. So, One piece manga is the original story the author intended to say. There won’t be any gaps in the story telling and the manga flows perfectly smoothly.

Coming to One piece anime, it is based on the one piece manga. One episode of anime will be a mix of two or more episodes of manga. As the manga will come out every week, the producers of the anime need more material for filling up their episode. So, they deviate from the original story and add somethig called “The One Piece Fillers”. They are fillers in both literal and figurative sense. Majority of the time these fillers won’t add any value to the original story and may slightly deviate from the manga.

Also, each anime is approximately 20 minutes in duration. Watching more than 900 episodes of duration 20 minutes each is actually a lot of time spent on watching anime. Whereas, reading the manga is actually a breeze. Now-a-days One piece manga is coming out with super good colorful animations which makes reading the manga an easy affair.

There is one more argument supporting this claim that the animation in the One piece anime is not good enough and the story pacing is slow and not accurate. Owing to all these reasons we prefer reading the one piece manga to watching one piece anime.

What do you prefer? Reading manga or watching anime? Let us know in the comments.

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