Sacred Games season 2 ending explained, review


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Spoilers ahead! Read only if you’ve watched sacred games season 2.

Sacred Games season 2 has been released on 15 August and got rave reviews from all the fans. It answers some major questions from 1st season of Sacred games like Who’s the 3rd father of Ganesh Gaitonde and What happens after 25 days(Pacches din) etc.

The ending of sacred games season 2 has been a cliffhanger and it ended with no conclusion. We’re giving out the possible endings of sacred games season 2.

sacred games season 2 download
sacred games season 2 download

Sacred Games season 2 ending explained

Netflix has gone into a habit of giving abrupt endings for Sacred Games. We’ve seen this trend both for Sacred Games season 1 and season 2.

The ending of sacred games season 2 is abrupt to say the least. It is yet to be seen whether the abrubt ending is the original ending to the series or will it be continued to a season 3. But, having seen Netflix from the past two years, they are not going to kill a cash cow called Sacred games which is giving immense profits from India. Only concern would be to not compromise on quality of the show for quantiy.

Coming to the ending, the ending is still not clear. We can see Sartaj singh(Saif ali khan) in front of nuclear bomb and only 4 secs left on the clock, it is yet to be seen whether the password satraj entered is correct or not.

Possible endings of sacred Games

Ending 1 of sacred games season 2

Sartaj saves the mumbai city like a hero by discabling the nuclear bomb. But the threat to the city would still persist as Guruji says “Kaam nahi rukhega” meaning “The work will not stop”

Which essentailly means mumbai is still under threat from the terrorist organisation and Satraj has more work in his hands in Sacred Games season 3.

Ending 2 of Sacred Games season 2

Satraj fails in deactivating the nuclear bomb, Which essentially means Satraj will die a heroic death and season 3 will start with new characters altogether. But, there seems to be a less possibility of this happenning as Netlfix wouldn’t like kiiling an established character like Satraj

Also, it would be intersting to see what Netflix does with Ganesh Gaitonde(Nawazuddin Siddiqui) as the main plot of 25 days is finished in sacred games season 2.

As of now, we don’t have a clear idea of how Sacred Games season 2 ended and How Sacred Games season 3 will start. We should just wait and watch for an announcement from Netflix in this regard.

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