Sacred games season 2 episode list revealed


Sacred games season 2 is being released on 15th August 2019 on netflix. Netlfix has released all the 8 episodes at once, so that sacred games fans can binge watch the entier season on this Indian independence day.

sacred games season 2 download
sacred games season 2 download

Sacred Games season 2 episode list

The following table contains the list of the titles of entire 8 episodes of sacred games season 2

Episode NoEpisode TitleDurationRelease date
1Matsya56 minutes15 August
2Siduri48 minutes 15 August
3Apasmara52 minutes 15 August
4Bardo54 minutes 15 August
5Vikarna48 minutes 15 August
6Azrael41 minutes 15 August
7Torino48 minutes 15 August
8Radcliffe58 minutes 15 August

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