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When was Sacred Games season 1 released?

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The 1st episode of Sacred games season 1 was premiered on 29 June 2018 along with three other epioseds. Then the entire season-1 was available on netlfix from 6 July 2018.

sacred games season 1
sacred games season 1

Sacred Games season 1 episode list

EpisodeEpisode NameRelease dateDuration
S01E01Ashwathama29 June 201851 Minutes
S01E02Halahala29 June 2018 50 Minutes
S01E03Aatapi Vatapi29 June 2018 48 Minutes
S01E04Brahmahatya29 June 2018 55 Minutes
S01E05Sarama6 July 201945 Minutes
S01E06Pretakalpa6 July 2019 47 Minutes
S01E07Rudra6 July 2019 43 Minutes
S01E08Yayati6 July 2019 47 Minutes

The Nawazuddin siddiqui and Saif ali khan’s starrer has taken India by storm. It is not an overstatement to say that this show alone has doubled the subscrptions of Netflix in India last year. Also, Radhika apte became a household name in Netflix shows after this show.

Download Season 2 of Sacred Games is set to hit Netflix on 15th August, the Independence day of India.

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