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League of Legends (LOL) is an immersive game which uses a wide variety of strategies where players can either combine them or use it separately. The use of such strategies is solely depended based on the rise of the situation and how the whole team responds to such a scenario. There are tons of strategies but in this article, we will focus on a few of them. These strategies will help you to win the game depending upon the cooperation you get from your team.

1. Communication:

Communication is an important process in League of Legends where every player must be in touch with each other. The communication can help the players to know whether which move has to be used or avoided, any enemy player is approaching nearby, foes taking on the Drakes, etc. The communication in LOL can be done in many ways:

  1. Voice: One of the best and easiest way to communicate with your team is to have a voice chat. The players can instantly talk to the team and make them aware of any enemy team player is coming towards their lane or not. LOL allows players to join in voice only if they are in a pre-made team and therefore if the players are matched with other players who are not under the friend list or pre-made category then the voice system by LOL will not be supported. Players can still communicate over voice with different players over Discord. Discord is free to use and allows users to chat and talk freely. It is widely used in the gaming community as there are different channels and servers for the users to select and can create their own.
  2. Chat: The players in the team can chat easily by just typing regarding the game process and can update the other player with any necessary information.
  3. Emotes: Emotes are a fun way to express the emotions that the player is going through during the game. It can be of happiness, excitement, angry, sad, etc. The emotes can make the game more engaging as the emote are been expressed by the Champions and Little Legends of the game. The emotes expressed are also seen by the enemies and therefore it can share their feelings through the use of emotes as if they have been saved from getting killed or have taken on a turrent.
  4. Pings: The pings are the fastest way to alert the teammates where the player has to select ping from the map. The player can click on the ‘G’ key on the keyboard and then normal ping randomly on the map to show the team regarding anything important or can click on the own team’s turrent/tower to show that he/she is defending. It can also be used on the enemy’s turrent to show that he/she is attacking it. The player can also click on the ‘V’ key on the keyboard along with the selection of the message with the cursor selection. This is known as the ‘Smart Ping’ and it is divided into four parts:
    1. Assist Me
    2. Enemy Missing
    3. Danger
    4. On My Way.
League of Legends Emotes

2. Warding:

The whole map of the Summoner’s Rift gives vision to the players only when their minions are present at the location, turrents that are placed on the map and the teammates who are spread across the lanes. Apart from this, the map is usually dark especially the jungle area. Therefore to stay out of the dark and to have a good vision of the map, players have to use wards or trinkets which can help to give them vision over a limited duration. If the areas are kept in dark for a longer duration then any enemy team player would give a surprise attack to the opponent team which can then be a difficult situation even to escape. The wards are so useful as when it is placed in the bush it is easy for the team to know if an enemy jungle champion is coming to attack them or not as usually if anyone is in the bush then it is not visible in the map for the opponent team to know. Wards are also placed at the Drake, Dragon, Rift Herald and Baron location.There are many skins for the wards as well which the players can unlock it to stylize it. The image shows the jungle area and how the placing of the ward lights up the area towards a certain radius.

League of Legends Warding Jungle area

3. Freezing a Lane:

The lane management is an important task for any team. It shows how the lane is under control and where the minions have been positioned. After every duration, a wave of minions appears where there are melee minions, caster minions and siege minions. The freezing of the lane can help the team to keep the minions at one place where later they can make them positioned at a safe place to attack the enemy champion. Some players who are aggressive tend to push the minion wave even further to land their skill shots on the foe as early as possible.

League of Legends Freezing Lane

4. Ganking:

Ganking refers to the situation when an enemy champion gives a surprise attack to the opposite team. For example, when there are two champions in the bottom (bot) lane from team blue and team red then suddenly a third player comes from the team red to give a surprise attack on team blue. This usually occurs when a jungle champion who is roaming around the map decides to give a gank on a particular lane to help the team get a kill. This is a good strategy when an opponent team player is dominating a lane in the game and the other team decides to bring that particular champ down with the help of gank. The picture below shows the example of ganking.

League of Legends Ganking

5. Epic Monsters:

The Drakes and the Elder Dragon along with the Rift Herald and Baron Nashor are the powerful mysterious creatures in the game. These creatures can give up the buff to any team who slays them and it can change the entire tide of the game. They are found in the fixed location of the jungle area and are spawned based on the duration allocated to them. If a Rift Herald is killed, it joins the team to take on turrents and can give massive damage to the structures. The enemy team can then kill the Rift Herald once it is been spawned by the opposite team. The Baron Nashor is the strongest and hence if it’s killed then the entire team will get the Baron buff which helps in the attack, movement speed and faster recall. This buff can be shared with the minions as well. When it comes to dragons, there are:

  1. Mountain Drake: This Drake gives armour and magic resistant to the team.
  2. Infernal Drake: This Drake gives more attack damage to the team.
  3. Ocean Drake: This Drake gives health regeneration to the team.
  4. Cloud Drake: This Drake gives movement speed to the team.
  5. Elder Dragon: It is a combined form of all the Drakes and therefore the buff is extremely powerful.

All these epic monsters are important for any team who gets them during the game. If any opposite team is trying to get them, the another team can try to steal from them by giving surprise attacks and also by placing a ward to know if the epic monster is safe or been attacked.

League of Legends Drakes and Dragon
From Left: Mountain Drake, Infernal Drake, Elder Dragon, Ocean Drake and Cloud Drake

So these were some of the Top five strategies which can be used during the game and we hope this helps you to win many more games. There are many to be shared as well. Do let us know if you have tried any of these strategies and if you have any other to share from your side as well.

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