Teamfight Tactics (TFT)- The new Auto Battler Game

Teamfight Tactics


Riot Games had introduced League of Legends (LOL) back in 2009 and has been a popular MOBA video game since then. Recently in the year 2019, they have come up with a new video game known as the Team Fight Tactics (TFT) which is an auto battler game. In this multiplayer game, the player competes with the rest of the seven players online by remaining the last one standing. Therefore the player will have to construct an effective team to optimise and win against the opponent players with a unique set of skills and tactics.

It is more like an auto Chess where the champions get their work done to win the rounds. It includes all the elements from the League of Legends universe such as champions, items, monsters, skills, etc. Over here, there are a lot of strategies to be implemented and there is always something new which the players will face at each round of the game. The TFT has its own Combat System, Mechanism and Progression. The game is available on Microsoft Windows, macOS, Android and iOS. The mobile versions were released in the year March 2020.

Teamfight Tactics

For the player who is new to this game may refer to this article to understand how the game can be played. Let’s dive deep into the gameplay of TFT.


The game can be either played by normal mode or ranked mode depending on the choice of the player.

1. Little Legends and Emotes

The Little Legend is a character that can be controlled by the player with the right-click. It is used to move around the board to collect item orbs and champions from the free pool carousel. The Little Legends are customization and they appear in different creatures. They are there to help you select the champions from the board and place them. They are friendly and adorable. The Little Legends also can communicate with the other players using a variety of emotes just as similar to the League of Legends game.

TFT Little Legends

2. Experience Level and Gold

At the end of each battle round in the game, the player earns Experience Points (XP)  and Gold for which the player levels up and can allow more champions to be placed on the board. A player can level up to maximum 9 and therefore he can place up to 9 champions in each game. The higher the experience level of the player, the stronger champions he/she will start receiving it more. The gold earned can be used to spend on champions, experience level and also for re-rolling to get other champions to buy and expand the army size on the board. The main strategy for this game is to know when to spend the gold and when to save it.

3. Champions, Origin and Classes

Champions are the key units of the game. They are the one’s which fight in the arena to make the player win in each battle round. These are not controllable and therefore they have to be placed on the boards with the help of the Little Legend. If they are placed in the strategic location on the board then they can deal great damage to the opponent. Each champion can be levelled up to level 3.

For example, a champion named ‘Twisted Fate’ can be levelled up to level 2 by collecting the same character three times. When he is collected for the first time, he is level 1 and when collected for three times then level 2. If Twisted Fate is collected for nine times then he’ll be level 3 on the board which is considered to be the most powerful level for any champion.

Every champion has it’s own unique Origin and Class. Evert Origin and Class provide a unique set of abilities that can strengthen the allies who belong with the same Origin or Class. There are unique combinations and matchups to be done at each time. The strategy to place the champions from the same class or origin will boost up the synergy and can lead to victory. The current Origins and Classes in TFT are:

Dark StarDemolitionist
Mech PilotInfiltrator
RebelMana Reaver
Space PilotMercenary
Star GuardianMystic
Origins and Classes in TFT

4. Items

The items help to make the champions build stronger and to have a greater edge over the rivals. The items are found when they are dropped by the monsters during the neutral round or they are also attached to the champions during the carousel round (free champion rotation). When two basic items are combined with the same champion, it builds up the main item which can enhance abilities and attacks. The right item given to the right champion will lead to victory rounds.

5. Rounds

There are two major rounds which are Player versus Environment (PvE) and Player versus Player (PvP). The PvE rounds let the players battle against the jungle monsters and gain more gold and items from them. The PvP round lets the players face off against the other online players to compete and win. The PvE round comes once in a while after the PvP round. During each round there will be a planning phase at the beginning where the players will have to plan their strategy regarding what champion has to be placed on the board or which item has to be allotted to whom, etc. and then comes the attack phase against the opponent. There can be several victories and losses but the last man standing will win this auto battler game.

Teamfight Tactics

We hope this article is useful enough to let you get started with this wonderful tactics game. This will let you know about a lot of strategies and unique combinations.

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