The 100 6×07 Nevermind episode review


The 100 season 6 episode 7 titled Nevermind is released on 18th June 2019. The episode is of 41 Min 47 duration.

the 100 6x07 download with english subtitles
the 100 6×07 download with english subtitles

The show runners have not disappointed the fans with this episode. This episode entirely revolves around Clarke and Josaphine. After Josaphine sleeps, the consciousness of Clarke is awakened inside the mind of Clarke.

Clarke meets her dad, goes through all her memories in different stages of life. Interestingly, she finds out that the reason she is still alive is because Alie had her memories backed up. Then comes the big confrontation of Clarke and Josaphine. In a one on fight, Clarke kills Josaphine but she resurrects as all this is being imagined by Clarke. After Jospahine convinces Clarke to give up and promising that she’ll take care of all her friends, Clarke reveals the secret to getting her out of the body.

Monty helps Clarke after she gives up. After finding out how cruel Jospahine is, Clarke is determined to fight for her body. Bellamy figures out the Morse code being given out by Clarke. And the next story is to follow in the next episode.

Coming to the performances, Clarke and Jospahine are extremely elegant in their scenes. The science behind the co existance of two brains in one body is explained perfectly. This episode would ask for a rewatch for those who doesn’t understand the science behind the existance of Clarke.

Josaphine is more wicked, cruel and ruthless than what we’ve seen and imagined. If she succeeds in removing Clarke’s consciousness from the body of Clarke, she would be unstoppable. So, Clarke and Bellamy would do everything in their power to stop her from succeding.

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