The 100 season 7 renewed, release date and the fate of Octavia


The finale of season 6 of The 100 which aired on 6th of August has turned out to be a cliffhanger. Fans are left with more questions than answers during the finale of season 6. Now, everyone is eagerly waiting for the release date of season 7 of the 100.

The 100 Season 6 download
The 100 Season 6 download

When is the 100 season 7 releasing?

Is is already confirmed by the CT that the 100 is renewed for a season 7 and season 7 is going to be the final season of the series.

The 100 season 7 is confirmed to be aired in 2020. But the exact dates are yet to be released. It is specualted that the 100 season 7 will air during the midseason i.e., in the summer from April 2020.

Is Octavia dead?

Ever since the finale of season 6 aired, the fan groups of the 100 are buzzing with questions relating to the fate of Octavia. Questions like “What happenned to Octavia?”, “Is Octavia dead?”, “Did octavia die on the 100?”, “The 100 Octavia death”, “What happenned to Octavia on the 100”

The objective answer to whether Octavia is dead or not would be a “no”. Something happenned to Octavia when she entered the . And as Gabriel says she was not gone just for a few seconds into the anomoly. It was much longer than what was shown to us on the screen. As gabriel pointed out, the coded message on Octavia’s back was almost 150 years old.

What happenned to octavia in the 100
What happenned to octavia in the 100

Time travel in the 100 season 6 and season 7

This all brings us to the much talked about time travel in the 100 season 7. It is imperative that we’re going to see time travel in the last and final season of the 100. Without time travel there is no way once could justify how Hope, the unborn daughter of Diyoza suddenly appeared from the anomoly and thrusted a knife in Octavia. Also, there is no other explanation apart from time travel to jusitfy how the body of Octavis just vainsihed in thin air.

Hope the 100 daughter of Diyoza
Hope the 100 daughter of Diyoza

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