The great hack Netflix documentary Trailer, release date, download


Just before the euphoria of stranger things is slowly fading out, Netlfix has come up with another excellent project. This time it is an official documentary about the scandel that shook up the internet.

the great hack netflix documentary

Yes, we’re talking about the “Cambridge Analytica scandal” that shook the internet which in turn had a cascading effect on all the major tech companies of the world.

What is cambridge analytica?

Cambridge analytica is a political consulting firm from britian. It uses big data and data mining techniques to target users specifically for propagating their agenda or their client’s agenda.

They claimed to have 5000 data points on every american voter like their credit card spends, video consumption behaviour, likes, dislikes etc. Cambridge analytica came into limelight by working for Trump’s election campaign and Brexit campaign.

The world is run by data. Data has become more valuable than data. Data has become the most valuable asset on the earth. And Cambridge analytica has got hold of exactly that through a vulnerability from facebook.

No one knew about this until an ex-cambrige analytica employee and whistle blower brittany kaiser came into limelight. This revelation has bought down the stock of facebook by 10% overnight. General data protection regulation or GDPR came into existance because of this leak. The privacy laws all over the world are becoming stringent because of this leak.

The Great hack release date netflix

The Great hack documentary by netflix is releasing on 24th July 2019. In the documentary, everything about the hack will be shown to viewers.

The Great hack trailer netflix Release date

Watch the trailer of the Great hack that is released on 11 July 2019.

The great hack documentary download

Majority of the torrent sites such as kickass torrents or putlockers or fmovies will upload the video as soon as it out on July 24th. But it is better to join the telegram channel and download it from there as the download is absolutely free and genuine.

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