The SPY Netflix official trailer | Youtube


The SPY Netflix official trailer | Youtube

Netflix has released the official trailer of the The SPY 2019 just an hour back on 28th August 2019. It is based on an incredible true story of former Mossad agent Eli Cohen. Eli cohan has successfully infiltrated in Syria and changed the entire Israel’s history.

Sacha Baron Cohen is the lead actor of the Netlfix TV series The SPY and is enacting Eli Cohen.

Netflix has mastered the act of enacting real life stories and presenting them as real as possible. If the trailer is to be taken as a benchmark, we can say with surity that this series is going to be a huge hit.

In the first one hour of release, the trailer is watched by more than 20,000 viewers and liked by 2,000 viewers on youtube.

Just looking from the trailer, this is something that can be compared with the Netflix original Narcos.

Watch the official trailer of The SPY from netflix below

The spy netflix official trailer

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