Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint Episode 2 – Sam Fisher in Aurora


About Tom Clancy’s Ghost recon Breakpoint Game

Tom Clancy’s Ghost recon Breakpoint Game is one of the famous tactical shooter games launched by Ubisoft in 2019. This game is a sequential series to their wildland game, the significant difference show in this game is players can play as a solo or invite friends to dive into the mission. The character’s name is Nomad, similar same that of wildlands. Tom Clancy’s Ghost recon Breakpoint is carried out in fictitious island named Aurora, the protagonist Nomad ( The Ghost ) and his team and coming to this island for investigating an American cargo ship sinks of the coast of Aurora. This game contains 2 Episodes and lots of Faction missions.

Episode 1 carries the primary story mission that available for all the users purchased the standard edition of the game, but Episode 2 Named as Deepstate is not free for all. Only the first mission with famous character Sam fisher is free; in order to play the rest, you need to upgrade to Delux edition or purchase a 1-year pass.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint
Ghost Recon Breakpoint

About Operation Deep state – Episode 2 DLC Tom Clancy’s Ghost recon Breakpoint

Operation Deep state is the first DLC created for Tom Clancy’s Ghost recon Breakpoint, and it is released in March 2020. In this DLC player is going to assist the Sam Fisher character in Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell.  Sam Fisher is in aurora for investigating the kidnapping and illegal activities of the Sentinel group. Sam Fisher is working with a private military contractor named Palidne nine security, and their mission is to find strategists who developed mind control drones.

Mission in Operation Deep State – Episode 2 DLC Tom Clancy’s Ghost recon Breakpoint   

Missing in Action 

   One mind Army 

   Spirit of the Hive

   Enemy within

   Legal Move 

   Back the Sheep

   Two birds one stone 

Tips for Playing  mission in the breakpoint

  1. Use drone to scan area
  2. Use Snipers with Silencer 
  3. Eliminate the Radio support first helps to prevent the enemies from cal the backup
  4. Eliminate the Enemies in higher grounds otherwise; they will see the dead bodies and spot you easily
  5. When Enemy Airplanes are on sky, better to go prone camo otherwise they spot, and enemies from other regions also come to attach you.
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