Top 10 Scenes of Game of Thrones Season 7!


The latest season of Game of Thrones was a stunner for many reasons. Refresh your memory with the best scenes from Season 7 before season 8 premiers!

1.“The North remembers, Winter came for House Frey”

The opening scene of the season itself gives us one of the best moments of the entire season. Lord Frey, hosting a feast for all the major players of his army, lauds them for killing the Starks and offers them wine. Once everyone consumes the wine, his words come out differently expressing disappointment in them not killing all the Starks left in the world. Soon all the soldiers die, as the wine contained poison and Lord Frey peels off his face to reveal the true person beneath it, Arya Stark herself! The season could not have had a better opening scene than this. This scene established how Arya has become an exemplary assassin and how she is able to avenge the deaths in her family.

2. The ‘Silence’ silences the Greyjoy and Dornish army

Euron Greyjoy finally showed that he means business and is not just about talking. His ship ‘Silence’ runs riot against the ships of Yara and Theon Greyjoy, which also had Elaria Sand and her daughters. Euron and his army kill or make slaves of all the army men they face. He kills one of Elaria’s daughters and take captive of Elaria and her other daughter to present them to Cersei Lannister as gifts. He captures Yara Greyjoy himself to lure Theon to come again, looking for his sister. This scene not only shows the immense might of Euron and his army but it was also an important scene for Theon Greyjoy. Theon acts weak once again, showing traces of Reek and escapes from all the chaos, leaving his sister Yara behind.

3. Olena Tyrell goes out in style

No one can doubt the fact that Olenna Tyrell was one of the most charismatic players in the game of thrones. She lost the game and hence died but even that happened in her own terms. Once the Lannister army defeats the Tyrell army, Jamie has the last confrontation with Olenna Tyrell. A changed Jamie, now a gentle man, offers her a peaceful death by giving her poisoned wine that would cause her no pain while dying. Olenna appreciates Jamie’s thoughtfulness and drinks the wine in one go. However, before she dies, she reveals one of the biggest mysteries of the show. She, in her twisted words, reveals that it was she who masterminded the death of Joffrey. She asks Jamie to tell this to Cersei, as she wants her to know about this. This revelation is significant for Jamie, as he finally has proof of the fact that Tyrion was never the killer.

4. Jamie almost kills Dany or rather gets killed himself
The Dothraki army attacking the Lannister army, is in itself one of the most powerful scenes but the battle ends with an even better scene. When Dany is busy pulling out the huge arrow out from the neck of Drogon, Jamie gets the idea of killing Dany with a spear. Riding his horse, Jamie charges towards Dany and Drogon but just when he is about to kill her, Drogon opens his mouth to spit fire on him and save its mother. However, just when we think it is the end of Jamie, Bronn saves him by leaping onto him and taking him down in the adjacent lake. The scene offers you two overwhelming moments, leading you to think about the death of two of the most important characters in the show.

5. Dany finally helps Jon

When the “Avengers” of GOT were losing against the Wights, every fan in the world hoped for Dany to come and save the day. Right when you think it is not going to happen, you hear the roar of a dragon and then see Drogon, spitting fire on Wights. What makes the scene worth mentioning is the fact that this is only the second time we see all three dragons in action at one go. The scene was surely one that left the fans joyous and euphoric. However, the scene has a sad ending and we’ll talk about it in our next point!

6. The rebirth of Viserion

After we are left in shock, seeing the death of Viserion, we are in for an even more shocking scene. We see the Wights pulling out the dead Viserion from the lake with the help of huge chains. The Night King walks toward the dragon and touches its forehead and then the camera pans towards the eyes of Viserion. What follows is one of the most important scenes of GOT. Viserion opens his eyes but his iris is a sparkling blue, which depicts that it too is now under the control of the Night King. This scene is so powerful in the context of the whole show, as it now evens the playing ground between Dany, her dragons and the Night King.

7. The two most powerful women finally meet

It took 67 episodes for the show to make Cercei Lannister and Daenerys Targaryen meet each other. This meeting of two powerhouses of the show had to bring a lot to the table and so it did. Dany showed her power and superiority by arriving at the meeting on her dragon, only when everyone had arrived. Cercei did not show any signs of being intimidated, even after seeing a dragon for the first time in her life. Jon Snow and others prove the existence of Wights to the Lannisters and hence prove that the threat from beyond the Wall is real. Euron leaves the kingdom, saving himself (or that’s what it seems then). Jon
Snow declines to serve under Cercei and hence Cercei does not agree help them. However, Tyrion intervenes, talks to her and then Cercei accepts to help (or that’s what it seems then) before Dany, Jon and others leave for the North. This meeting leads to multiple changes in the dynamics that could turn out to be huge in the final season.

8. Littlefinger loses the “Game of Thrones”

A scene where one of the best players of the Game of Thrones, Littlefinger, dies surely has to be one of the top scenes. Sansa and Bran Stark seem to be convicting their sister Arya Stark for treachery. However, the attention quickly turns to Littlefinger when Sansa convicts him for all the deeds they mentioned at earlier. Littlefinger pleads his case but Bran, the three-eyed raven, comes up with proof that he cannot refute. He asks for a trial by combat but no one offers to help him. He even resorts to crying and begging for his life but Arya, the assassin, shows her skills while slicing Littlefinger’s throat in one swift motion. This scene surely left a lasting impression on fans.

9. Jon Snow – The True Heir to the Iron Throne

veryone knew the ‘R+L= J’ theory but no one knew about the extra information we were about to get during this scene. When Bran tells Samwell Tarly about Jon’s true parentage, we get the official reveal of Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark being his parents. Bran tells Sam that Jon is not a Snow but instead a Sand, as Dornish bastards bear the surname of Sand. However, Sam breaks the news of a maester annulling the marriage of Rhaegar and Elia Martell, which in turn legitimises the marriage of Rhaegar and Lyanna. Bran goes in the past, checks the events of their marriage and revisits the birth of Jon. Lyanna, while handing over her child to Ned Stark, reveals the true name of the child to be Agon Targaryen. The revelation of Jon Snow (or Aegon Targaryen) being a legitimate child, makes him the true heir to the Iron Throne! It would be interesting to see how Jon reacts to this news in the final season.

10. The Night King Arrives

The show ends with an epic scene that is worthy enough to keep the fans waiting for the next season for 2 years! The Army of Dead arrive at the Wall and stop, leaving the men of the Night’s Watch perplexed. However, the scene reaches an all-new high when the Night King arrives, riding Viserion. One can see how fast Viserion has become, with special powers given to it by the Night King, and then we see the unthinkable. Viserion spits blue flaming fire and knocks down the Wall, allowing the Army of Dead to enter Winterfell. The scene is powerful in the way it shows how the threat is not just real but it is right there now. The Great War is about to start any moment now.

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