Top 5 Tricks to use in CoD Battle Royale


I’m not a professional gamer. Nor am I an advocate for hackers that use Battle Royale platforms to showcase their cheats to win a game. However, as a newbie, I had many issues when I transitioned from a campaign player to a multiplayer to a Battle Royale player. The experience with Call of Duty has been good.

These strategies usually work well for me. They’re quite easy to follow and quite instinctual once you start playing Battle Royale. I’ve found that I like Call of Duty Mobile’s Battle Royale more than PUBG, mostly because I am fiercely loyal to the franchise and because the number of upgrades and weapons you get from these are so fun to use. So I’ll share what has worked for me.

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These are NOT cheat codes. They’re simply battle strategies that I’ve used over time that have served me well.

#1 Auto-Fire/ 1-tap ADS

Call of Duty ADS - autofire
Call of Duty Mobile Automatic

Call of Duty Mobile offers the Aim Down Sight or ADS which helps you auto-fire when you’re playing Battle Royale for the first time. This will help you locate enemies easily. The ADS helps you fire at an enemy’s location without you actually needing to press the fire button. All you have to do is point at the enemy’s general location, let the aimbot take over, and continuously rain bullets at them.

This allows you to get kills without you actually needing to fire manually at your enemy. This improves your precision. Unless the enemy is moving too fast, the CoD ADS lets you fire continuously without missing a shot. It works best against close-range enemies and not the ones that are too far away. It would be better to not snipe any of your enemies because you also risk giving your location away.

#2 Tanks/ Helicopters/ Antelopes

Call of Duty Mobile Tank
Call of Duty Tank

Call of Duty Mobile Chopper
Call of Duty Helicopter

These are the best vehicles that you could have. The CoD Tanks and Antelopes give you a good advantage on the ground with their machine guns on top. All you have to do is look out for snipers who may be at a higher location. They’re more assault and offense vehicles which will help you with fire. Antelopes have better mobility and speed against tanks, however they don’t stand a chance against the tanks missiles and armour.

On the other hand, Helicopters are a good alternative when it comes to getaway vehicles. Try to land in areas where you usually find a helicopter like the Killhouse, Sanitarium, Platform or Launch Base. These can quickly get you out of a tough spot if you find yourself without a ground assault vehicle. The Helicopters have a decent enough armor, although you need to keep an eye out for a missile lock. In that case, just jump out and land somewhere safe.

#3 Upgrade Class Drivers

Call of Duty Mobile Class Driver
Call of Duty Classes

CoD Mobile’s Battle Royale allows you to choose your specialty, either as a Scout, Medic, Clown, Ninja, Mechanic, or Defender. However, these classes are only mildly helpful with their limited radius of working. They’re incredible if utilized correctly but there is a way to enhance them. On the minimap, you’ll notice that there are a few locations that have a few purple squares on them. The purple dots are often locations that have Class Driver Updates which enhance your existing class either by impact radius or damage.

Along with such upgrades, there are crates of weapons, ammunition and medical kits. Always collect ammunition from the crates or from the houses. Having extra bullets could never hurt you. The upgrade panel areas are filled with enemy teams so keep an eye out when you spring for them. Have a vehicle or a zip line that you can get to so that you can easily move out of the place once you have the upgrade. Use these class skills wherever you can, typically keeping them on reserve until a few are left to be able to pick them out.

#4 Airdrops

CoD Airdrop
Call of Duty Mobile Airdrop

Packages are dropped through the CoD Battle Royale map during the entire game. They’re usually dropped periodically, tanks included, and are often at easy reach for a group of players. These packages typically appear as green hexagons on the map and are filled with premium ammunition along with operator skill weapons. The crates are sought after in high demand but keep in mind that the weapons you get from them have limited ammunition. These crates also have add-ons for your normal guns which are usually a class higher than the ones you find on the field.

Players swarm around these crates so try to snipe a few before you go down to pick up the airdrop. These drops also have rocket launchers and grenade launchers. Further, using some of the airdrops as bait could help level out the playing field.

#5 Max 3X Zoom

CoD Scope Sniper
Call of Duty 3x Zoom

CoD Mobile offers you a variety of guns that you can customize and grab. A good option of guns would be to keep an automatic rifle equipped with a red-dot sight and a good sniper rifle available. This would enable you to pick out enemies up close and long-range. If you cannot find a sniper rifle or you’re not the best at aiming, you could always equip another automatic with a tactical scope. However, when you do so with automatics, keep in mind that you stick to the 1.5x, 2x or the 3x zoom scopes only. Adding higher would make you lose mobility, which could seriously cost you when you want to take a shot.

It helps if you go prone when you snipe from a high location. This ensures that you can shoot your enemy from a vantage point while maintaining that you’re hidden. The 3x zoom lenses are quite common along with the 1.5x lenses. They work at a lower damage than that of a sniper rifle (one shot – one kill) but at the cost of a few bullets, they get the job done.

These were some of the tricks that I use to better my odds of winning a CoD Battle Royale. There are other strategies of closing doors, camping out, or hiding in houses that work just as well.

Let us know in the comments if you have any strategies!

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